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Title: Mother's Words
Author: AFTanith
Fandom: Parabellum (original fiction)
Wordcount: 902
Characters: Sparrow & Stelian Frost
Prompt(s): [ profile] 2x5obsessions | Parabellum - Sparrow | 3. mother's words
Notes: pre-series

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© 2017 A.F. Tanith
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Title: Reversed Roles
Fandom: Parabellum (original fiction)
Wordcount: 345
Pairing(s): Simon Ides/Stelian Frost & Sparrow/Nadia Sen
Contains: Alternate Universe - Reversed Roles, pre-polyamory
Prompt(s): [ profile] 2x5obsessions reversed roles
Notes: I considered swapping Sparrow and Frost's roles for this prompt, then decided it would be more interesting to swap Sparrow and Simon (especially since I had little to no experience writing F/F). Since writing this, I've started a WIP based on the former premise.

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© 2015 A.F. Tanith

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Parabellum - Sparrow | reversed roles
  • Sparrow & Frost - Sparrow as captor, Frost as captive
  • Sparrow & Simon switched (Simon/Frost alpha couple, Sparrow/Nadia beta couple)

Parabellum - Sparrow | without you
  • Sparrow isn't pleased to discover she misses Frost when he's not there.

Parabellum - Sparrow | mother's words
  • Years before Sparrow's sister fell ill, their mother warned her eldest daughter about trusting the promises of a rich man.

Parabellum - Sparrow | daydream
  • In the weeks after Simon's death, Sparrow daydreams about what might have happened to her if Frost had died instead.

Parabellum - Sparrow | far from home
  • While she plans her escape from the rebels, Sparrow finds herself homesick.

Ion - Rylan | wicked truths
  • Jackson had never lied to her, Rylan realizes; she just didn't recognize the riddles and half-truths for what they were.

Ion - Rylan | news
  • Post-Script AU, Avery gives Rylan the news about Susanne and Myles' deaths.

Ion - Rylan | wrong face
  • Rylan still can't seem to reconcile Jackson with Ion.

Ion - Rylan | dangerous love
  • Post-Script Potential Canon, Susanne and Myles doubt Avery will be able to resist going after Rylan and Ion any more than he could resist going after Jaslyn.

Ion - Rylan | underwater
  • In the final moments before she drowns, Rylan realizes she should have known better.
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Challenge located here. This challenge actually doesn't extend to original fiction, so I can't "officially" participate, but I'm writing for the prompts anyway.

Parabellum - Sparrow Ion - Rylan
1. reversed roles 1. wicked truths
2. without you 2. news
3. mother's words 3. wrong face
4. daydream 4. dangerous love
5. far from home 5. underwater


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