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Title: Run, Run, Run
Author: [ profile] AFTanith
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Wordcount: 160
Rating: Teen+
Characters: Buffy Summers & Dawn Summers
Warning(s): Season Six Spoilers, (canonical) Suicidal Ideation
Prompt(s): Written for [ profile] 40fandoms and [community profile] dailyprompt Prompt for 2017-03-05, "the easy way out"*.
Notes: *While the phrase in question inspired me to write about Buffy's suicidal depression (a character arc with which I strongly identify, to be perfectly frank), I do not endorse the notion of suicide being "the easy way out". YMMV, and I am not interested in arguing the point.
Summary: Buffy is back from the dead, but she didn't ask to be.

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Title: Ghost Shore
Author: [ profile] AFTanith
Fandom: Skyrim
Wordcount: 300
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Female Dragonborn/Serana
Prompt(s): Written for [ profile] 40fandoms and [community profile] femslashficlets challenge #099 - ocean.
Notes: I think this is shaping up to be a nonsexual romantic relationship? I definitely see F!DB/Serana building up a really intense emotional bond, and I really like the idea of it evolving into a romance.
Summary: Skyrim is freezing, and vampires run cold. (Even a Nord is only so resilient.)

( AO3 | 40fandoms )

Title: Something to Call Her Own
Author: [ profile] AFTanith
Fandom: The Nanny
Wordcount: 671
Characters: Fran Fine & Grace Sheffield
Rating: General Audiences
Contains: gen hurt/comfort; cat allergies & anaphylaxis
Note(s): Written for [ profile] purimgifts.
Summary: The one time Maxwell Sheffield doesn't turn down cats...

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Title: Changes
Author: [ profile] AFTanith 
Fandom: Riverdale
Wordcount: 311
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing(s): Archie Andrews/Valerie Brown & Betty Cooper/Jughead Jones
Summary: Life in Riverdale had been changing lately, and Betty Cooper had been changing with it.

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Title: On Point
Author: AFTanith
Fandom: Harry Potter
Wordcount: 425
Rating: T
Characters: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Potter, Lily Potter, James Potter, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley/Potter
Contains: slight Scorpius/Lily ship tease
Prompt(s): [community profile] fic_promptly Harry Potter, any, wearing clothing with obvious muggle words/sentences/pictures on them just to confuse the magic raised.[ profile] 40fandoms Day 1
Summary: The thing about starting Hogwarts in 2017? There's a lot more Internet slang in the modern wizard lexicon than there was in the 90s.

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