Sep. 9th, 2017

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1.sharing a bed2.a post-it note saying "call mom"3.looking out the me to the moon
6.How is it no one came?7.bows and arrows against the lightning8.So, what do you want to do with your life?9.walking a thin line10.Required items: TV, 'good' film, sofa, chocolate, tea, duvet...
11.a song, listened to on repeat for hours12.Queen of the hours, lies waiting for the wind to blow away the veil of time13.we're in this's amazing what can be done15.pheromones
16.telephone line17.out of your cold19.just a pile of ashes20.then i fell flat on my face
21.independence22.reality fades away23.I hate surprises.24.though she be but little, she is fierce25.walking on a dream
26.Come, death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so.27.This place is lonely but you can't get away
No matter where you hide, the buildings have eyes
28.the sound of the crowd29.proper coffee30.bound together by a legend
31.just a dream32.dirty deeds33.fighting fate34.look at me the eleventh hour serious37.falling leaves38.spring cleaning39.cause it's cold and lonely
silent when they're not here
41.a bunch of dead flowers kept in a vase42.not all who wander are lost43.sunrise44.longing for winter45.missing the basics
46.nightmare fuel47.kitten48.full moon49.the kindness of strangers50.pointless
51.Okay, I gave in. I was curious.52.toe the line53.fight and die54.just a loan55.making believe
56.we must tend our own garden57.starlight58.sometimes I forget59.a little help from my friends60.eight grand pianos, a cement mixer, and two crates of Newcastle Brown Ale epic adventure63.the rain're playing me
66.preparing for the big day67.pumpkin pie68.sleeping late69.taking a stroll through infinity70.and drunk the milk of Paradise chocolate72.running late for a science fiction74.Snow White75.twisted'd lovers77.mysteries, no melodic as the sky79.seeing snow for the first time80.flying away
81.I guess the lights went down82.a little bit different from usual83.unnecessary distractions84.those who live in love85.sailing smoothly
86.thunder and the rain begins to fall89.working from home90.handcuffs in humanity92.shouting that could be heard down the street93.feather a rush95.regression into disorder
96.floating on a cloud97.Evil: Now with free glitter!98.this loving strife99.plain sailing100.stranded on the side of the road
aftanith: (daenerys fire s6)
Title: Peace
Fandom: Parabellum (original fiction)
Wordcount: 100
Warning(s): spoilers, canonical character death
Prompt(s): [ profile] lover100 091. peace

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© 2017 A.F. Tanith
aftanith: (daenerys & missandei sailing)
Title: Biggest Fear
Author: AFTanith
Fandom: Harry Potter / Parabellum (original fiction) Fusion
Wordcount: 200
Prompt(s): [ profile] lover100 87. biggest fear
Notes: This prompt was on the "romantic" table, but this fill is decidedly not romantic. *shrug*

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© 2017 A.F. Tanith


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