Sep. 8th, 2017

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1.light just before dawn2.a nice cup of tea and a sit down3.back to reality4.sticks and stones5.distance
6.set the world on fire7.catch a falling star8.Actually, I'm totally sober.9.Hate is too strong a word.10.Sometimes, I forget. me your world13.shining through clouds14.nightmares15.argument for no reason
16.moonlight17.waking up18.starving19.suppose i never met you
suppose we never fell in love
21.the light at the end of the tunnel22.water23.foreign
26.stuck in an elevator27.written in stone28.breakfast29.the middle of the night30.culture shock
31.hate the way you talk to me32.walking on sunshine33.first meetings34.bad timing35.caught in the act
36.relaxing in the sun37.a mini-opera with strange interludes38.division39.You'd think I'd have learnt by now.40.hiding in plain sight
41.all the time in the world42.Do you remember
How you were gonna stay free?
But they had plans for you
And things to do
43.singing in the rain44.breakfast in bed45.death and glory
46.Run quick, they're behind us
Didn't think we'd ever make it
This close to safety in one piece issues48.lost in date, heavily-circled on a calendar50.a bit of backwards
51.on the other side of the door52.anniversary53.If you love somebody, set them free.54.support55.It's far too late for this.
56.not a cloud in the sky57.Someone is waiting, lurking in the trees
The spirit of her is walking back to me
58.liar59.battle60.secret lives
61.safety62.Apocalypse63.secret code64.circuit
66.I don't know what you mean.67.face in the midnight sun68.deserted69.stranded on an island70.cousins
71.whisper in the's not time's fool73.party74.days of the broken arrows75.I thought you said...
76.optical illusion77.skating on thin ice78.Tinkerbell's fairydust79.we have got to get it together80.falling apart
81.girl at the window82.a rustling under the bed83.bit of a late starter84.I know it ain't real, but when you are near
You're saying this I wanna hear
85.Saturday night at the duck pond
86.stuck in traffic87.picture on the wall88.skeleton at the roundabout89.flying high90.all the world's a stage
91.age of reason92.burnt toast93.the sleep of reason94.mixed messages95.surprised by rain
96.lost in a dream97.lift me up98.Titanic99.worn red carpet100.bougainvillea


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