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General Stuff

I Adore:

  • Kinks

    • Femdom (F/m) is definitely my favorite kink. (I'm not a huge fan of F/f, though.)

    • dubcon 

      • My preference here is for the female character (if there is one*) to either be in control or to struggle for it. Seeing female characters in het pairings actually submit is a big turn-off for me. (*If we're talking M/M or F/F or poly involving multiple women, though, I'm pretty much good with any variety of dubcon. And if we're talking monsters... go fucking nuts.)

    • older man/younger woman (or older man/younger man)

    • jealousy and voyeurism

      • I love outside perspective porn in which the character who's watching is jealous of one or both (or more?) participants. Maybe they end up joining in, maybe they fantasize about joining in, maybe they masturbate, maybe they're scheming on how to get involved (or break the couple up?), etcetera, etcetera. I love it.

    • humiliation

      • I enjoy reading F/m or M/m sexual humiliation (provided it's either full con or dubcon and doesn't focus on shaming the sub or victim's weight, gender/orientation/race, mental illness, or past sexual abuse).

    • feminization

      • Please only use feminization kink for cisgender male characters; please don't write me feminization kink that involves FTM transgender characters.

      • Con or noncon are both fine, but dubcon is spectacular.

    • biting

    • begging

    • orgasm denial / edging

    • And then there's the weird stuff (might be squicky for some people, so highlight to read): 

      • tentacles

      • oviposition (male or female victim; con, dubcon, or noncon)

      • forniphilia

      • watersports (con if het or f/f; con, dubcon, or noncon if m/m or femdom)

      • mindbreak (of male victims)

I (Usually) Prefer Not to Read:

  • redemption of the villain

  • explicit F/F sex (explicit poly sex involving multiple women is fine, though!)

  • issuefic

  • gender identity or sexual orientation headcanons

  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of sixteen

  • Alternate Universes and Crossovers other than those explicitly requested.

  • genderswap

I Definitely Do Not Want: 

  • fem!sub (unless it's a relationship with multiple women)

  • maiming or loss of limbs, organs, or senses

  • gore, torture porn, snuff, necrophilia, cannibalism

  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of fourteen

  • monotheistic religion (unless it's a major element of canon)

  • mommy/daddy kink

  • scat/farting

  • foot fetish

  • conception/pregnancy/mpreg/fempreg

  • ageplay or infantilism

  • A/B/O

  • character bashing or vilifying

Harry Potter

Fandom-Specific DNWs:

  • Please don't try to redeem Voldemort. He's unambiguously villainous, and I like him that way.

  • Please avoid noncanon pairings not specifically requested or referenced below.

  • I'm not interested in crossovers or in AUs not specifically mentioned below.

  • Please also read through my general DNWs at the top of the page.

Ginny Weasley/Voldemort

  • PWP is welcome; I prefer noncon or dubcon, but please avoid D/s.

  • Years after Chamber of Secrets, Ginny meets Voldemort face-to-face (and one-on-one?) again.

  • Voldemort can tell there's some kind of connection between them. (How does he react when he learns she was possessed and nearly killed by his diary?)

  • He kidnaps her to hurt/punish Harry.

  • He summons her to Snape's office when he visits Hogwarts during Deathly Hallows.

  • Years after falling in love with Diary!Tom Riddle, Ginny seeks out Voldemort.

Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle
The whole Mailer Daemon thing is super interesting, as is the inherent gaslighting. Add in that Tom Riddle was a totally handsome, charming, and seductive teenager and that Ginny was an extremely impressionable, rather shy eleven-year-old, and you've got darkfic waiting to happen.

  • The horcrux drains the life of Harry (or someone else) instead of Ginny. She is the only witness to Tom Riddle's resurrection. What happens?

  • What all did Tom get up to while possessing Ginny? Was it all chicken blood and basilisks, or did he do something more? (Interacting with her friends, going to classes, terrorizing Myrtle, etc. Absolutely no explicit sexual content without explicitly aging up Ginny, please!)

  • Epistolary fic in the form of subtlety creepy diary entries?

  • Years later, Ginny still dreams and/or fantasizes about Tom Riddle.

  • The horcrux drains the life of Harry (or someone else) instead of Ginny. His gaslighting continues.

Luna Lovegood/Harry Potter*
While I am a fan of Harry/Ginny (and Luna/Ginny and Neville/Luna), I am all over the idea of Luna/Harry. I would've loved to see their not-a-date in Half-Blood Prince evolve into something more, but alas.

  • Harry takes Luna to the Yule Ball instead of Parvati.

  • The aforementioned not-a-date does evolve into something more.

  • Post-Malfoy Manor h/c at Shell Cottage?

Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley*
I think this complements Luna/Harry quite nicely, doesn't it? And it's not like there's no precedence for it; Yule Ball, anyone?

  • Their Yule Ball date turns into a legit romance.

  • They get together during Deathly Hallows. (Ginny got left behind by Harry, after all, and Neville's right there being all badass right in front of her, so...)

  • AU in which Neville was the Boy Who Lived

Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley

  • Give me various Weasleys reacting to the news (or suspicion/rumors) of Draco/Ginny!

  • Draco has his Heel Face Turn earlier in Deathly Hallows (or at the end of Half-Blood Prince).

  • Ginny rather than Luna is the one abducted and imprisoned at Malfoy Manor.

*This is hetswap, obviously, so I'm definitely not asking for poly, but if that's up your alley, I'd adore a mention of or reference to Luna/Harry/Ginny/Neville.

Original Work

Non-humanoid AI/Human OFC
Whoever nominated this is a gem. Thank you, mysterious stranger!

  • I'm here for creepy shit. Random options:

    • uncomfortable is-it-flirting-or-is-it-not conversations

    • ubiquitous AI that has way too much power over humans' lives and decides to use that power for nefarious self-interest

    • AI with emotions evolved-and-yet-stunted enough for it to be obsessed with a human and think it's in love

    • psychological horror and mind games

    • whatever weird way a non-humanoid AI would attempt to initiate a sexual relationship with a human.

Female Heroine/Male Villain
NGL, this is my absolute favorite relationship dynamic. I might have a problem?

  • PWP is more than welcome, especially if it's femdom.

    • Hate sex!

    • Sex pollen!

  • Secret relationships!

  • The villain is utterly and completely obsessed with the heroine (and it's even more fun to read about if she has no idea).

  • The villain tries to seduce the heroine (and even if she doesn't go for it, it's clearly having an effect).

  • The heroine is mired in guilt after being seduced by the villain.

Female Human/Male Monster
Just like the last but with a monstrous (and possibly horror) twist!

  • I'm down with almost any kind of monster you want to throw at me. Vampires, werewolves, demons, fey, mermaids, whatever! The only thing I'm definitely not into is zombies. (As a general rule, I prefer my monsters to be more on the monstrous side of the scale than the "very pretty young men" side. Not that there's anything wrong with the "very pretty young men" manifestation of vampires, werewolves, and whatnot; if that's really what you're interested in writing, I'm totally okay with that, too!) 

  • Some horror- and/or monster-related tropes that I love and might spark your interest:

Female Human/Male Eldritch Abomination
And here we take things just a step further. (What's an Eldritch Abomination?) Note that while I nominated "male" Eldritch abominations, I'm entirely down to read about utterly agender Eldritch abominations.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fandom-Specific DNWs:

  • Please don't include extensive details about the comics continuity; I haven't read the comics yet, and while I don't mind spoilers at all, I want to make sure I understand the context of your story!

  • Please avoid having anything excessively horrible happen to Tara.

  • Please don't write Dawn in any explicit sexual situations. Subtext, kissing, and crushing is fine, but please avoid anything more mature than that.

  • Please avoid non-canon relationships not specifically requested, with the exception of Giles/Olivia and/or past Giles/Ethan.

  • Please don't include Kennedy in any capacity.

  • Please avoid any incest or incestuous subtext between Dawn, Buffy, and Joyce.

  • I'm not interested in F/F PWP. (Poly sex involving more than two women is fine, though!)

  • I'm not interested in crossovers or Alternate Universes, with the exception of Harry Potter crossovers/AUs and/or those specified below.

  • Please also read through my general DNWs at the top of the page.

Spike/Buffy Summers

I love these two together. I'll be honest: I'm a bigger fan of Spike than I am of Buffy, but I ship it hard.

  • PWP is welcome, especially if it's femdom.

  • Vampire!Buffy AU (Angel turned her during Graduation Day; Angelus turned her during Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered; the Master turned her during Prophecy Girl; Spike turns her himself at any point post-School Hard, etc.)

  • They're finally reunited after the events of Angel season five.

  • They actually do get married during Something Blue.

Faith Lehane/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
So, I'm not the person who nominated these two, but I'm super intrigued by this pairing!

  • Rather than his canonical crush on Cordelia, Wesley has a crush on Faith during Buffy season three. (Guilty and morally conflicted nerd!Wesley might be best Wesley?)

  • Wesley comes back to Sunnydale during Buffy season seven. Faith ends up hooking up with him instead of Robin. (Or, you know, 'in addition to' is fine, too...)

    Game of Thrones

    Fandom-Specific DNWs:

    • Non-canon relationships not specifically requested.

    • Alternate Universes or crossovers other than those specifically prompted below.

    • Please age Arya up to at least fourteen before involving her in any sexual activity more mature than kissing, crushing, or non-explicitly fantasizing.

    • Please don't make anyone other than Rhaegar and Lyanna the parents of Jon Snow.

    • Please don't focus on Jaime's hand being missing. In fact, if you're writing sex, I'd prefer it to be either pre-amputation (or in an AU in which he never met up with the Bloody Mummers) or else not explicitly mention the hand's absence. 

    • I'm not interested in explicit non-poly F/F sex.

    • Please also read through my general DNWs at the top of the page.

    Jon Snow/Arya Stark

    • AU in which Arya makes it to the wall.

    • AU in which Arya makes it to the wall and continues pretending to be a boy (though Jon obviously recognizes his kid sister).

    • Post-canon reunion.

    • Faceless Man!Arya meets her brother again; he doesn't know it's her.

      Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister

      • Secret Targaryens AU

      • Actual Targaryens AU

      • Instead of letting Jaime join the Kingsguard to fuck over Tywin, Aerys demands that Jaime and Cersei marry each other.

      Daenerys Targaryen/Viserys Targaryen

      • I have three words for you: Femdom, femdom, femdom.

      • Give me an AU in which the Targaryens defeated Robert's Rebellion but Rhaegar and Aegon still died. Viserys eventually inherits his father's throne and marries Daenerys; does he still go mad? Does she still learn to stand up for herself? Is there any hope of dragons?

      • Give me an AU in which Viserys never threatened Daenerys and Rhaego in Vaes Dothrak. How does he feel about his sister being the Mother of Dragons? Does he still struggle for dominance over her, or does she manage to cow him?

        Petyr Baelish/Sansa Stark

        • Literally anything with Sansa being manipulative.

        • Queen in the North AU

        • Catelyn Never Died AU*; what does she think about Petyr's obvious interest in her eldest daughter? (Alternately, write LSH into the showverse to address the same question.)

        Theon Greyjoy/Sansa Stark
        These two! I was super disappointed when Theon decided to go back to Asha/Yara during season six; I was so excited to see how Theon and Sansa's relationship evolved after their escape from Winterfell, but alas...

        • They comfort each other during their time at Winterfell. (Explicit sexuality is quite alright as long as Ramsay is not involved and the encounter isn't nonconsensual. References to ongoing Ramsay/Sansa and/or Ramsay/Theon noncon is of course fine, though.)

        • Theon never leaves Sansa. Their relationship grows into romance over the course of season six's canonical events.

        • Theon is still with Sansa when she reaches the Wall. Jon isn't happy to see him, and he's even less pleased when he notices just how close he and Sansa seem to be these days. (No unrequited Jon/Sansa, please!)


          Canon-Specific DNWs:

          • Non-canon relationships not specifically requested.

          • Khajiit, Argonian, or Snow Elf/Falmer Dragonborns

          • "Mixed Race" Dragonborns. In Elder Scrolls lore, the children of mixed race couples are always the same race as their mother (i.e., a Dunmer father and an Altmer mother will have an Altmer child; an Imperial father and a Nord mother will have a Nord child; etc.)

          • Alternate Universes or Crossovers excluding Dragon Age crossovers or those AUs/crossovers specifically prompted below.

          • Please write Mephala, Nocturnal, and Vaermina as female or sexless manifesting as female; please don't write them as male, sexless manifesting as male, or any other gender/sex.

          • I'm not really interested in porn that involves penetrative sex between a human and dragon. (If you're going the route of dragon/human porn, please stick to "Shout sex" or dragon-on-human oral.)

          • Please do not write anything sexual involving Nelkir or any other child character (including Babette).

          • Please also read through my general DNWs at the top of the page.


          • I strongly prefer the Dragonborn to be a Nord, but any human/elf race (i.e., Bretons, Imperials, Redguards, Dunmer, Altmer, Bosmer, or Orsimer) is fine. 


          • Alduin Wins AU

          • Turned-Into-A-Human(oid) AU

          • The Dragonborn teams up with Alduin instead of fighting against him.

          • Shout sex


          • They have to spend the night in a dungeon.

          • What does he think of the College of Winterhold? (Did he attend? Does he wish he had? Does he think they're a bunch of stodgy academics and mock her for joining up with them in the first place?)


          • I'm totally here for one-sided obsession and stalking.

          • Alternately, I'd love some PWP, preferably in the form of femdom or a struggle for dominance that neither of them really manages to win. 

            • She thinks Thalmor robes are hot af and wants to try some on herself. He's turned on to hell Oblivion and back by the sight of her wearing them.


          • I'm down with PWP for this one!

            • They sneak away during Elenwen's party.

            • They fuck on the throne (of Markarth or Solitude or wherever else it's reasonable for them to be).

          • She rescues him from the Stormcloaks' assault on Markarth.

          Rumarin is a follower available through the Interesting NPCs mod.

          • Secretly Thalmor Rumarin AU

          • Rumarin helps the Dragonborn infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy.

          • Rumarin and the Dragonborn fight the Thalmor (under any circumstances, canon or of your own creation).

            Dragon Age

            Fandom-Specific DNWs:

            • Pro-Templar Hawke

            • Anders bashing and/or Fenris bashing

            • Non-canon relationships not specifically requested.

            • Alternate Universes or Crossovers not specifically requested 

            • Issuefic

            • Please also read through my general DNWs at the top of the page.


            • I vastly prefer the default first names for the player characters.

            • I'm familiar with the events of (and pretty much entirely spoiled on) Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I have only actually played Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. If you set your fic during the events of Dragon Age 2 and/or Dragon Age: Inquisition, there's a possibility that I might not entirely get the context of your story. That's not to say I don't want to read it; it's just that I might not be able to fully appreciate it.

            Zevran Arainai/Female Mahariel

            • Femdom PWP

            • Zevran is with Mahariel during the events of Awakening.

            • Mahariel is with Zevran during his appearance in Dragon Age 2.

            Fenris/Female Hawke

            • Fenris and Hawke meet in Lothering (or Denerim or some other part of Ferelden) instead of Kirkwall.

            • Danarius kidnaps Fenris; Hawke rescues him.

            • Danarius kidnaps Hawke; Fenris rescues her.

            Anders/Female Mahariel
            Oh, my poor Anders. I loved him in Awakening, but what in the fuck did DA2 do to him!?

            • Anders joins Mahariel for the events of Witch Hunt. What kind of shenanigans do they get up to in the Circle of Magi? (And if you want to go for some background Ariane/Finn--especially as a foil to Anders/Mahariel--I'm all over that!)

            • Bonding over animals! (I favor "Barkspawn" as Dog's name.)

            • Mahariel introduces him to her clan. (If Merrill appears, I vastly prefer her Origins personality to her 2 personality.)

            Female Mahariel/Tamlen

            • AU in which Mahariel & Tamlen were both saved by Duncan and survived the Joining.

            • AU in which Mahariel & Tamlen were never tainted and someone else became the Warden.

            • AU in which Mahariel's Fade dream was about Tamlen instead of Duncan. (Because it doesn't make any sense that it's Duncan.)

            • Anything that explores Tamlen's racism in light of the Warden's love for all of her multiethnic/multicultural companions.

            Loghain Mac Tir/Female Tabris
            I'll be honest; I've never spared Loghain. That's for one reason and one reason only: I have yet to complete my Tabris playthrough. (It's been languishing in my saves for a shameful amount of time.) And honestly, Tabris is the only Warden whose decision to spare Loghain is something I would feel  comfortable with; as far as the other Wardens go, Alistair's claim to vengeance is greater, but Tabris' life got fucked by Loghain badly enough that I'm okay with it if she spares him.

            • Dubcon slave roleplay. Wait, wait, hear me out: Loghain refuses to acknowledge any remorse for selling the alienage elves--nearly including Tabris' father--into slavery, so she takes it upon herself to show him exactly what kind of life he condemned so many people to suffering.

            • Bonding over their mutual hatred for a racist Orlesian. (A canon racist Orlesian from any of the DA games or an entirely original one is fine. You can even make Isolde more overtly racist than in canon, if you'd like. Just please don't write Leliana as maliciously or purposefully racist!)


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