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Fandom: Sinister
Wordcount: 100
Pairing(s): Julius/Ben, implied Ben/Severine
Contains: m/m slash, possible polyamory
Prompt(s): [ profile] slashthedrabble Prompt #452 ~ Stalking/Stalk

Julius can't handle this. It's just too much to take. He can't even pinpoint whatever it is he's feeling; he doesn't have the words to identify the raging storm of emotion inside him. Is he jealous at the thought of losing Ben? Is he jealous because Ben has obviously replaced him in Severine's eyes? Perhaps even worse, is this emotion nothing more than overprotectiveness borne from his knowledge of what Severine's life will become if she gives in to what his (their?) lover wants.

And every day and every night, Julius watches Ben stalk her like an incessant, hungry beast.

Fandom: Queen Academy
Wordcount: 100
Pairing(s): Kim/Bobby
Contains: f/f slash
Prompt(s): [community profile] femslashficlets challenge #113 - phone

"Answer your fucking phone!" Kim's furious shout pierces Bobby's eardrums the instant the redhead comes into view. "What the fuck, B?"

"What?" she asks, bewildered. "I was busy!"

"I thought you were dead, you jackass!"

Bobby gestured pointedly. "I would have been if I'd answered the phone. Calm down, dude. What's your problem?"

Kim closes her eyes and sighs, the fury flowing from her until nothing is left but palpable frustration. "I just said I thought you were dead."

And that's when it hits her just what Kim's saying. She's only so freaked out because she was worried.

Bobby smiles.

Fandom: Slytherin's Legacy
Wordcount: 100
Pairing(s): Delphi Lestrange & Harry Potter
Prompt(s): [ profile] mixandmatch100 Prompt 14: Sabbotage

Delphi's eyes narrow as she spots the book on Harry's desk.

The handwriting. It's definitely not Potter's, but she's seen it before.

It's Snape's.

Brow furrowed, Delphi struggles for a moment to figure out what she's seeing. Why does Harry Potter have a textbook with Snape's writing in it?

And then it clicks: that book he borrowed at the start of the year. It must have been Snape's, and Harry never gave it back.

No wonder he's been doing so well in class.

But now... what to do?

Keep her mouth shut?

Or tell Slughorn, and sabotage her former friend?

Fandom: Slytherin's Legacy
Wordcount: 100
Pairing(s): Delphi Lestrange & Harry Potter
Prompt(s): [community profile] harry100 Challenge Prompt 315: Holiday

Harry's mind races. Delphi's alive, but she's in more peril now than ever. It's unthinkable, her being trapped in company of Death Eaters for the entire summer holiday, and it means that she's got no chance of writing him--and he's not fool to try writing her.

So that's that. Two entire months will go by with no way for him to contact her and no way for him to thank her or apologize for leaving her in that graveyard.

It makes him sick to think about, because two months is entirely too long.

Anything could happen in that much time.

Fandom: Ion
Wordcount: 100
Pairing(s): Avery/Rylan
Prompt(s): [community profile] drabble_zone Challenge # 43: Twinkle

Christmas lights twinkle on the windowsill where Rylan hung them earlier, and Avery lies silent in the dark room, his gaze transfixed as his mind wanders.

This isn't normal, and under no circumstances should he be going along with it. It's all a sick fantasy that he's trying to maintain. The unbelievable illusion that not everything has changed.

But he can't complain. This is his only chance now. All that life has to offer him now that Jaslyn is gone, Ion is dead, and his thirst for revenge had been sated.

Human or not, Avery won't be turning Rylan away.

Fandom: Dreamscape
Wordcount: 100
Pairing(s): Fiona/Arielle
Contains: f/f slash
Prompt(s): [ profile] femslash100  challenge 553 - ambition

Ambition. The thirst for power and the advance of one's station in life. Fiona hardly understands the appeal, but she knows it when she sees it. It's that bitter craving that glitters in the eyes of Dreamwalkers and slowly turns their light to shade. It's what created the Dream Lord, and Fiona can see it in even Harmony's gaze. Because no matter how brightly she shines, even the Last Dreamwalker hides that darkness inside her, just as every other human does.

Whenever she sees that glint in their human friend's eyes, Fiona and Arielle retreat alone.

And Harmony's light flickers.

© 2017 A.F. Tanith


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