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Title: Irreplaceable
Fandom: Parabellum (original fiction)
Wordcount: 791
Pairing(s): Stelian Frost/Sparrow | Stacey Katharos/Galen Freed, past Stelian Frost/Sparrow | Stacey Katharos/Simon Ides/Nadia Sen
Warning(s): spoilers!, canonical character death
Prompt(s): [ profile] mission_insane [meta] 8. dead POV character

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© 2016 A.F. Tanith
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Found here. Complete twenty prompt tables, each with ten prompts. You must complete two of the Themed tables, two of the Un-Themed tables, two of the ‘Inspired By’ tables, and two of the Genre tables. Beyond that it’s your choice.

The Tables: Master Table | Themed Tables | Non-Theme Tables | "Inspired By" Tables | Genre Tables | Technical Tables | Bonus Crazy Prompt Table

01. Vacation 02. Colors 03. Un-Themed 5 04. Un-Themed 6
05. Movie Inspiration 06. Novel Inspiration 07. Crossover 08. Meta
09. Emotions 10. Romance 11. Saucy 12. Cliches
13. Fairy Tales 14. Songs 15. Femslash 16. Hurt/Comfort
17. PWP 18. Quotes 19. The Body 20. Games

01.Swimming 02.Cruise
03.Ski-ing 04.Camping
05.Water Sports 06.Hiking
07.Fishing 08.I Want To See You In Swimwear
09.Let’s Go On A Picnic 10.Sharks

01.Red 02.Blue
03.Yellow 04.Green
05.Orange 06.Purple
07.Black 08.White
09.Pink 10.Grey

Un-Themed 5
01.Moon 02.Justice
03.Fall 04.Control
05.Night 06.Breathless
07.Bed 08.Winter
09.Return 10.Grieve

Un-Themed 6
01.Taboo 02.Special
03.Want 04.Beast
05.Charisma 06.Desperate
07.Promise 08.Paranoia
09.Baggage 10.Unrequited

Movie Inspiration
01.Inception 02.Back to the Future
03.The Sixth Sense 04.It's A Wonderful Life
05.Coraline 06.The Little Mermaid
07.The Emperor's New Groove 08.Black Swan
09.Sky High 10.The Dark Knight

Novel Inspiration
01.Harry Potter 02.Dracula
03.Carrie 04.Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots
05.The Lottery 06.The Telltale Heart
07.An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge 08.The Monkey's Paw
09.Romeo and Juliet 10.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

01.Doctor Who 02.Heroes
03.Buffy the Vampire Slayer 04.Supernatural
05.Charmed 06.Game of Thrones
07.Avatar: The Last Airbender 08.Dollhouse
09.Jupiter Ascending 10.Firefly

01.Character(s) reading fanfiction 02.Character(s) writing fanfiction
03.Character(s) discover significant spoilers for their own canon events 04.One Character discovers/realises the fictionality of their universe and a way to communicate with their creator(s)
05.One Character has secretly been replaced for most of their action by another character in disguise who left the story/was thought to have time travelled/died 06.One Character is actually God/the author of the canon/fanon work
07.A story told in epistolary format between two (or more) characters who are both (or all) lying to each other 08.A story told from the POV of a Character who turns out to be dead
09.A story in which the universe is two dimensional 10.A story with an unsolvable paradox

01.Happy 02.Sad
03.Joy 04.Vengeful
05.Hope 06.Compassion
07.Shy 08.Broody
09.Confused 10.Lonely

01.Massage 02.Candles
03.Wine 04.Dance
05.Moonlight 06.Kisses
07.Forever 08.Aphrodisiac
09.Chocolate 10.Champagne

01.Kiss 02.Suck
03.Nibble 04.Bite
05.Lick 06.Taste
07.Touch 08.Stroke
09.Fondle 10.Nuzzle

01.Sacrifice 02.Angry Drunken Betrayal
03.Amnesia 04.Wounded
05.Love Triangle 06.Pretending To Be Together
07.Sharing Body Heat 08.Declarations Of Love
09.Eavesdropping 10.Drunken Kiss

Fairy Tales
01.Little Red Riding Hood 02.Rumpelstiltskin
03.Cinderella 04.Sleeping Beauty
05.The Little Mermaid 06.Beauty and the Beast
07.Rapunzel 08.Hansel and Gretel
09.The Ugly Duckling 10.Swan Lake

01.I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab for Cutie 02.I Almost Told You That I Love You - Papa Roach
03.I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace 04.Blow - K$sha
05.Like It's Her Birthday - Good Charlotte 06.Better Than Me - Hinder
07.Talking Bird - Death Cab for Cutie 08.Cath... - Death Cab for Cutie
09.Lightness - Death Cab for Cutie 10.I Will Stay - We Are the Fallen

01.Lip-Stick 02.Grass
03.We Shouldn’t 04.Watched
05.Distract 06.Sparkle
07.Music 08.Painting
09.Fur 10.Magical

01.Pain 02.Sore
03.Sick 04.Broken
05.Fix Me 06.Distrust
07.Hold Me 08.Haunted
09.Forgive 10.Blanket

01.Up Against The Wall 02.Under The Stars
03.On The Desk 04.In The Elevator/Lift
05.Theatre Cloakroom 06.Angry!Sex
07.Hate!Sex 08.Spontaneous!Sex
09.Sleepy!Sex 10.Afternoon Delight

01.Always Forgive Your Enemies, Nothing Annoys Them So Much – Oscar Wilde 02.Fiction Is Obliged To Stick To Possibilities, Truth Isn’t – Mark Twain
03.Be Great In Act As You Have Been In Thought - Shakespeare 04.Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge - Einstein
05.We Are What We Repeatedly Do - Aristotle 06.However Beautiful The Strategy, You Should Occasionally Look At The Results – Winston Churchill
07.Everything Has It’s Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It - Confucius 08.Be Careful When You Fight The Monsters, Lest You Become One - Nietzsche
09.When You Get To The End Of Your Rope, Tie A Knot And Hang On – Franklin Roosevelt 10.If You Cannot Get Rid Of The Family Skeleton, You May As Well Make It Dance – George Bernard Shaw

The Body
01.Fingernails 02.Neck
03.Lips 04.Eyes
05.Hair 06.Hands
07.Chest 08.Hips
09.Legs 10.Jaw

Games Inspiration
01.Crusader Kings 2 02.Dragon Age: Origins
03.Skyrim 04.Diner Dash
05.Jojo's Fashion Show 06.Wedding Dash
07.Turbo Fiesta 08.The Sims 2
09.Spooky Mall 10.Beach Party Craze


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