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A self-imposed challenge of my own creation, running from February 1, 2016 to February 29, 2016. I only plan to start these stories (producing around a thousand words for each), not to finish them within the month.

1. [100moods] 92. Surprised | Sparrow x Frost, last-name basis 2. [15pairings] look who's on top | top!Simon x Frost not during groupsex 3. [50harlequins] Spoiled Rich Girl and Poor Boy | Circle!Sparrow x Victor!Frost 4. Alduin x F!DB x M!DB, corruption & Shout!Sex 5. [15pairings] indecent exposure | Galen x Frost, seduction
6. Avery x Rylan x Jackson, dubcon & sex pollen 7. Caderyn catches Charon x Adrasteia 8. [15pairings] men | Simon x Sam, first time 9. [citrus-taste | Kinkier Table] 44. masturbation | Sparrow x Frost 10. [alphabetasoup] Hades | Sparrow x Frost
11. Dark!Hera x everyone AU 12. demon!Rylan x Avery x Ion, dubcon (Susanne & Myles Die AU) 13. Dom!M!Dragonborn x slave!Ancano x slave!Ondolemar, mindbreak 14. Domme!Esmeralda x slave!Scorpius x slave!Octavius, noncon & mindbreak 15. Dom!Sigurd x slave!Charon x slave!Caderyn x slave!Zephyrus (+ Adrasteia)
16. [citrus-taste] K-2. table | Sparrow x Simon x Nadia 17. [citrus-taste] 26. harems | Harem x Parabellum Crossover 18. [paranormal25] 23. writer's choice, tentacles 19. Malene x Ancano, fantasy AU & arranged marriage 20. [Maze of Fiends] Mate or Die AU
21. M!DB x M!Werewolf, hentai physiology & urethral penetration 22. [over-look] play dead | Izzy x Octavian, necrophilia roleplay 23. [smut-69] oil | Sparrow x Frost 24. [smut-69] orgy | Sparrow x Frost x Simon x Nadia x Loretta x Izzy 25. [lover100] S-61. secret | Sparrow x Frost
26. [lover-100] S-27. threesome | Sparrow x Frost x Galen 27. [citrus-taste] K-47. in public | Sparrow x Frost x Galen28. Zevran x Lyna x King!Alistair, roleplay x raceplay #1 29. Zevran x Lyna x King!Alistair, roleplay x raceplay#2


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