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1.knock yourself out2.Speak, friend, and enter.3.a brave few4.a basketful of's over now
6.from sunrise to's over8.under the weather9.standing up for others10.widespread predictions off my feet12.magic tricks13.I've almost finished digging my hole.14.a story told in reverse15.smoke dreams unexpected phone call18.a piece of history19.wardrobe20.insipid
21.keep the faith22.pumpkins23.civilized debate24.all just a misunderstanding25.dusty the end27.truth in the cards28.inner sanctum29.can't quite believe it's real30.political necessity the crow flies32.phantom limb syndrome33.wandering souls34.three's a crowd35.making do
36.double agent37.rubbish on the roof38.stinks39.fear and ignorance40.the importance of visual memory
41.forget-me-nots42.premonition43.peace in our times44.sold45.highs and lows
46.collision47.sacrificing liberty48.positive thinking49.confused and waiting50.can't rely on you any more
51.far, far the soup53.tunnel of love54.the freedom railway55.all mixed up
56.a glass of orange juice57.cancel this whole drawn-out mess58.I walk alone.59.undone60.aircraft carrier
61.finally over for good62.a pretty far as I know65.I'm not in love 'cause I'm a mess.
66.leave the world unseen67.homeward bound68.crystalline more chance70.dying god
71.can't really say that in public72.I predict a me under the clock74.stir yourself75.challenge the laws of nature
76.glowing embers and the smell of frost in the air77.the most important thing78.low sun over frosty fields79.static a fella once said
81.personal best82.if that's what you would love to be right84.being authentic85.silent night
86.Christmas dinner87.most admir'd disorder88.roll me outside89.lost in all this madness90.wanderlust security for happiness92.time of your life93.missing at the wrong moment94.protecting the innocent95.rebels on the beach tea or cucumber sandwiches97.shapeshifting98.grey concrete buildings99.too much, too soon100.this isn't right
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1.field2.archaic technology3.betrayed trust4.good riddance5.Don't try that around here, boy.
6.can't see the daylight from in a snail's pace8.absolutely priceless9.overindulged10.dirty politics
11.I cannot avert my eyes.12.stabbed in the back13.selling the unsellable14.not just a lack of understanding15.honeymoon period
16.edifying and instructive17.ghost phone's not ringing19.paternal instincts20.pride the book22.really huge commute24.going after what you always wanted25.chocolate and hot water bottles
26.can't fool yourself; it's totally broken27.stately ritual28.take your place beside me29.a suburban experience30.saving for the future
31.down at the quarry32.image33.I have been vindicated.34.going home35.draconian with no beer38.working in four dimensions39.blushing40.magic tricks
41.a romp through the countryside42.end of the's time45.bursting with love
46.sorcerer's's all fine48.hidden in the can't change the have redeemed yourself
51.liberation52.unlucky to get that particular gene handed down53.the moment o creation54.real people don't have archenemies55.invasion
56.vigil57.funny-shaped tree on the lawn58.a ringing endorsement59.Friday the march
61.a saintly hall meeting63.surprisingly enjoyable64.merry-go-round65.shiny
66.under the sea67.what's in a name68.a language anyone can understand69.round and round the garden70.brainwashed
71.slay the last dragon72.visions of the future73.guide74.the sweet taste of victory75.a sound of trumpets
76.stuck in the middle77.a fresh start78.moving house79.a special
81.a shrewd secretary82.time keeps on slipping away83.let the sunshine abandoned teacup85.a faded photo sky in the morning87.memorial88.lost and found89.last time I saw your face90.obsessed with walking
91.really annoying can't be that cold outside93.fancy that94.rainbow95.not even real
96.move to the moon97.evil genius98.kicked out99.full moon madness100.just to mess things up
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1.night's a knockout3.superman4.a worthy rival5.last night on earth
6.crossing the threshold7.from fab to frightening8.don't want to think9.Neanderthal's not working
11.hold on12.weakening your must go on14.beckoning to me15.fuzzy hair
16.lemon tea17.a most delectable dessert18.the quiet one in the corner19.entertaining20.comfort food
21.carpet with grey stripes22.Why can't I be you?23.missing connection24.let it be me25.thunderstorms
26.beware the Ides of March27.fruit bandit28.overcast29.behind enemy lines30.a derelict warehouse
31.taking back what's mine32.poison33.storm chasers34.sunburn35.making a difference more interruptions37.the reluctant thief38.What is your pleasure?39.What is your pain?40.sailing the high seas
41.delicious irony42.diary43.April Fool's secret45.dearly beloved
46.knots47.delirious48.networking49.mysterious origins50.bad luck
51.contemplation52.what I wouldn't do53.sick as a dog54.Don't stop believing
Hold on to that feeling
56.giggles57.messy situation58.What's in a name?59.primordial soup60.seems like an eternity
61.road hog62.wake me's not my in peace65.Don't you ever get sick of this?
66.learnt a first death was a stranger70.trapped in a wardrobe
71.sweet child72.birthday card73.enough rope74.tell me again75.We're going where?
76.earache77.write you a letter, darlin'78.a fair's not fair80.I don't care.
81.unforeseen circumstances82.liar's game83.waiting for things to change84.before you were born85.sunburn
86.fearless87.never thought I'd see you here88.rain running down the anonymous letter90.slow to recover
91.a vital're just like me93.left behind94.undiscovered treasures95.closer to the deadline
96.there has to be another culprit97.good evening98.You said...99.crazy cat lady100.whistleblower
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1.I want to break free.2.happy goodbyes3.walking in the moonlight4.broken window5.eternity is not enough bead necklace7.I thought you said we were meeting at two.8.service9.the new brain disappeared chocolate12.second chances13.swearing in of the gods15.saving it for a rainy day
16.preaching the blues17.apples and list19.back to the future20.the first snow of the season
21.not this again22.unity in division23.complicated24.disaster waiting to happen25.time of your life
26.looking for a home27.the last thing you'd expect28.headed for disaster29.enjoy the silence30.looking to the past
31.melting32.sniffles33.dragging his feet34.this is hard work, y' chocolate and a backrub
36.a little bit of this, a little bit of took my breath away38.reconciliation39.too many for the boys
41.preparations42.once upon a midsummer's dance44.silliness is contagious45.untrodden snow
46.cold and tired47.mistletoe48.going a little bit crazy49.the night before Christmas50.Merry Christmas
51.exhausted52.danse macabre53.dark clouds overhead54.last things blue moon
56.all in ones and unmitigated disaster58.a comfort in a time of sickness59.glitter60.alien
61.ray of sunshine62.desperate for coffee63.tears64.a late start65.alarm bells ringing
66.using your I do68.letting go of my light
71.broken72.enough to take out a small elephant73.short-term regrets74.your argument is invalid75.not quite what it seems
76.not entirely lifelike77.from the end of the world78.calling the police79.straighten up80.pathenogenesis
81.shattered82.painfully out of tune83.confidence84.avalanche85.arcane knowledge
86.endless door88.a smart idea89.change of career90.a fine line
91.your ways of affection92.hope93.a giant Tinkerbell94.building anew95.killing me softly
96.What's in your pocket?97.building works98.evil is not always wrong99.waterfalls100.firing blanks


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