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General Stuff

I Adore:

  • Horror
    • horror with sexual and/or romantic undertones
    • psychological horror
    • supernatural horror (monsters, hauntings, etc.)
    • demons, fair folk, & eldritch abominations
  • Romance
  • Miscellaneous
  • Kinks
    • Femdom (F/m) is definitely my favorite kink. (I'm not a huge fan of F/f, though.)
    • dubcon
      • My preference here is for the female character (if there is one*) to either be in control or to struggle for it. Seeing female characters in het pairings actually submit is a big turn-off for me. (*If we're talking M/M or F/F or poly involving multiple women, though, I'm pretty much good with any variety of dubcon. And if we're talking monsters... go fucking nuts.)
    • older man/younger woman (or older man/younger man)
    • jealousy and voyeurism
      • I love outside perspective porn in which the character who's watching is jealous of one or both (or more?) participants. Maybe they end up joining in, maybe they fantasize about joining in, maybe they masturbate, maybe they're scheming on how to get involved (or break the couple up?), etcetera, etcetera. I love it.
    • humiliation
      • I enjoy reading F/m or M/m sexual humiliation (provided it's either full con or dubcon and doesn't focus on shaming the sub or victim's weight, gender/orientation/race, mental illness, or past sexual abuse).
    • feminization
      • Please only use feminization kink for cisgender male characters; please don't write me feminization kink that involves FTM transgender characters.
      • Con or noncon are both fine, but dubcon is spectacular.
    • biting
    • begging
    • orgasm denial / edging
    • And then there's the weird stuff (might be squicky for some people, so highlight to read):
      • tentacles
      • oviposition (male or female victim; con, dubcon, or noncon)
      • forniphilia
      • watersports (con if het or f/f; con, dubcon, or noncon if m/m or femdom)
      • mindbreak (of male victims)
I (Usually) Prefer Not to Read:
  • redemption of the villain
  • explicit (non-poly) F/F sex
  • issuefic
  • gender identity or sexual orientation headcanons
  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of sixteen
  • Alternate Universes and Crossovers other than those explicitly requested.
  • genderswap
I Definitely Do Not Want:
  • fem!sub (unless it's a relationship with multiple women)
  • maiming or loss of limbs, organs, or senses
  • gore, torture porn, snuff, necrophilia, cannibalism
  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of fourteen
  • monotheistic religion (unless it's a major element of canon)
  • mommy/daddy kink
  • scat/farting
  • foot fetish
  • conception/pregnancy/mpreg/fempreg
  • ageplay or infantilism
  • A/B/O
  • character bashing or vilifying

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Christine Campbell/Matthew Kimble
I won't lie: my favorite thing about this canon is the weird, pseudo-incestuous relationship between Christine and Matthew. I'd love to read anything that fits in with their canonical dynamic (i.e., aware of the dangerously-close-to-incestuous relationship between them, and varying degrees of repulsed by it while being utterly unable to give it up). DNW noncon/dubcon for this pairing, but I do want lots of conflicted feelings and guilt!

  • Christine and Matthew accidentally "meet" on a dating site and hit it off. Somehow (they meet IRL, they talk about their online luck only to realize they're talking about each other, etc.) they realize what's going on.
  • Matthew keeps dating women who look like Christine. But he's not doing on purpose! (Right?)
  • Christine and Matthew are mistaken for or have to pretend to be a couple. (Alternately, Matthew is mistaken for Richie's father.)

Game of Thrones

Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister
Confession time: I'm a big fan of fucked-up brother/sister incest pairings, and the Cersei/Jaime relationship was the whole reason I decided to check out GoT/ASoIaF.
  • If you're familiar with the A+J=C+J theory (which I am neither endorsing nor condemning, mind you!), I'd love to read an AU in which it was true!
  • Instead of letting Jaime join the Kingsguard to fuck over Tywin, Aerys demands that Jaime and Cersei marry each other.
Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister/Oberyn Martell
  • Honestly, I'd be perfectly willing to just take pure PWP for this one, especially if it involves jealous!Jaime.
  • AU in which Cersei married Oberyn (either instead of Robert or after Robert's death is fine).
Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark
I've requested this threesome in enough other exchanges that I've generated a pretty long list of prompts for them! Apparently I find them very easy to think up scenarios for?
  • My favorite relationship dynamic for these three: The twins recognize that Joffrey is an abusive shithole to his wife and do what they can to comfort her.
    • Cersei and Jaime do their best to protect Sansa from the worst of Joffrey's rages.
  • I would love to see how Cersei and Jaime go about seducing Sansa.
  • Sansa is betrothed to Joffrey, but she's more interested in his mother and father "uncle".
  • Sansa is obsessed with the apparent perfection of Cersei and Jaime Lannister.
  • Littlefinger starts mentoring Sansa in manipulation while she's still in King's Landing; she may or may not be getting in over her head by attempting to seduce Cersei and Jaime Lannister. (Or, hell, let Olenna mentor her; that might actually be even more interesting!)
  • Cersei can see just how greatly Sansa's psyche is suffering in the early days/months/years of her marriage to Joffrey; she and Jaime seduce her in a likely misguided attempt to convince her that her life doesn't have to be so terrible.
  • Mind games! Cersei prefers for Jaime and Sansa to never be 100% sure where they stand.
  • The twins are both growing increasingly possessive of Sansa Stark. If they're not careful, people will start to notice soon.
  • Cersei and Jaime are not soulmates; they each have one half of the same soul. Their actual soulmate is Sansa Stark.
  • Cersei and Jaime are not soulmates. (Alternately, Jaime is Cersei's soulmate, but Cersei is not Jaime's.) Jaime's soulmate is Sansa. Cersei goes along with the relationship, but the hoops of denial that she has to jump through are extreme.
  • Smut Prompts:
    • Cersei and Sansa dominate Jaime. (Alternately, Cersei teaches Sansa how to dominate a man.)
    • Give me either Sansa or Cersei sitting on Jaime's face. (DNW: Cersei sitting on Sansa's face.)
    • Give me Jaime (and Cersei?) eating Sansa (and Cersei?) out. (DNW: Sansa eating Cersei out.)
    • Cersei gets off on humiliating Jaime. Sansa either comforts him afterward or starts learning how to do it herself.
    • Cersei and/or Sansa peg Jaime.
Daenerys Targaryen/Viserys Targaryen
I'm not the only one who thought that the actor playing Viserys was extremely attractive, right? (I might be; who knows...) Anyway, their canon dynamic is gross and creepy and one of my favorite things, and oh my god would I love to see it turned on its head.
  • Femdom is the crux of what I want from this ship, tbh. Ideally, they've both always assumed that Viserys was the dominant one between them, but once Daenerys grows into her rulership role, it becomes incredibly clear that Daenerys is a born domme and Viserys is much happier and more stable as a sub.
  • Daenerys firmly ends Viserys' delusion that he is the one who will be taking the throne of Westeros. Oddly enough, having that weight off his shoulders makes him less of a crazy jackass. (And maybe he ends up realizing that he's actually the subbiest sub to ever sub. Please?)
  • Viserys always told her that they were meant to be wed. Now that she's the dragon queen, it's going to happen--on her terms.
  • Give me an AU in which the Targaryens defeated Robert's Rebellion but Rhaegar and Aegon still died. Viserys eventually inherits his father's throne and marries Daenerys; does he still go mad? Does she still learn to stand up for herself? Is there any hope of dragons?
  • Give me an AU in which Viserys never threatened Daenerys and Rhaego in Vaes Dothrak. How does he feel about his sister being the Mother of Dragons? Does he still struggle for dominance over her, or does she manage to cow him?
  • Viserys doesn't get himself killed in Vaes Dothrak, so he's along for the ride when Daenerys becomes the Mother of Dragons and begins freeing Slaver's Bay.
  • Rhaegar dies, but King's Landing isn't sacked, and so the remnants of the Targaryen dynasty are not forced to flee to Essos. (Note that the line of succession would then be Aegon → Rhaenys → Viserys → Daenerys. Jon is not included, as he is either a bastard or born of a bigamous and easily legally/religiously contested marriage.)
  • Viserys has always been obsessed with his sister--the idea of her becoming his queen, in particular. Now she's a queen in her own right--with dragons to boot--and his obsession has only gotten worse.
  • Viserys has always tried to manipulate Daenerys--and it always used to work. But now Daenerys is learning to manipulate him in kind, and she's much better at it than he ever was.
  • Viserys has always been possessive of his sister, but post-dragons Daenerys is growing possessive of her brother, too.
  • Viserys is arrogant, stubborn, and too often stupid. Daenerys has to protect him more often than she'd like.
  • After Khal Drogo's death, Viserys tries his hand at seducing his sister.
    • Alternately, a newly self-confident Daenerys seduces her brother (and shows him that, no, this relationship isn't all about him).
  • Incest runs through the Targaryen bloodline for one very simple reason: soulmates seem to keep popping up within the family tree. Viserys and Daenerys are just the most recent example.
  • Smut Prompts:
    • Daenerys forces Viserys to submit to her (but he's totally into it).
    • Viserys thinks he knows everything there is to know about sex. Turns out Drogo actually taught Daenerys a few things her brother's never even thought of, and now she's going to teach her brother (whether he wants to learn or not).
    • Daenerys teaches Viserys how to get her off with his mouth.
      • Alternately, Viserys shows his sister that he can do for her at least one thing that Drogo never did.
    • Daenerys pegs Viserys.
Daenerys Targaryen/Rhaegar Targaryen/Viserys Targaryen
For this one, I'm totally good with either happy and fluffy and as healthy as incest with a large age difference can be or creepy and fucked up and barely consensual.
  • King Rhaegar decides that the dragon's three heads are himself, his younger brother, and their younger sister.
  • After Elia dies, Aerys forces Rhaegar to have a proper Targaryen marriage to his sister... and his brother. (He is the Mad King, after all! if anyone would do it, he would.)
Jon Snow/Arya Stark
  • AU in which Arya makes it to the wall.
  • AU in which Arya makes it to the wall and continues pretending to be a boy (though Jon obviously recognizes his kid sister).
  • Post-canon reunion.
  • Faceless Man!Arya meets her brother again; he doesn't know it's her.
Jon Snow/Arya Stark/Gendry Waters
I'm down for either Jon/Arya or Arya/Gendry, and I'm always down for poly, so why not throw 'em all together?
  • Arya and Gendry make it to the Wall. What happens now?
    • Jon, Arya, and Gendry fight wights and Others at/beyond the Wall.
    • Arya manipulates Jon into letting her stay at the Wall.
  • King/Prince Jon Targaryen AU? King/Prince Gendry Baratheon AU?
  • Rhaegar sets Elia Martell aside (or pehaps she dies) and marries Lyanna instead of abducting her (or eloping with her, if that's your pet theory). Jon Snow is therefore Jon Targaryen, spare to the throne of Westeros during King Rhaegar's reign.
  • Jon, Arya, and Gendry retake Winterfell with or without Sansa. (And if you want to add Sansa/Theon as a B-couple... yes, please?)
  • Character development! Arya and Gendry help Jon make less stupid decisions up at the Wall (though, honestly, I suppose the majority of Jon's most stupid decisions are book-only...). Jon and Gendry help temper the worst of Arya's violent tendencies (or at least channel them into something other than assassination). And Jon discovers that he's undeniably bisexual. (And if you want to reveal R+L=J to the characters as a way to make Jon/Arya less incestuous, feel free. Also, feel free to have Gendry discover his own parentage without Melisandre spelling it out for him.)
  • As Jon's family is slowly whittled away, he becomes increasingly attached to (and ultimately obsessed with) his half-sister.
  • The culture of Westeros means that even bastards like Jon and Gendry have the opportunity to gain more power than most women can ever dream of achieving, but the one who really has the power in this relationship is Arya.
  • Pre-relationship mind games involving Faceless Man!Arya?
  • They're all protective of each other--perhaps excessively so in some cases--but Arya's reactions to threats tend to be a bit... extreme.
  • Seduction! Arya grew up with a crush on Jon. Then she started crushing on Gendry on the way to the Wall. Now that she's all grown up, she decides to go after both of them.
  • Arya has two soulmates. (Bonus: Brother/sister soulmates are unprecedented perceived to be impossible even among half-siblings, and that's what leads Jon and the others to discovering his true parentage.)
  • Smut Prompts:
    • You know something's gone wrong when Jon Snow is the most sexually experienced person in a threesome.
    • Just give me Arya face-sitting Jon and/or Gendry.
    • Arya is extremely responsive to being eaten out. Jon and Gendry love getting her off that way, either on separate occasions throughout the day, in succession, or at the same time. (And, hell, maybe they make a competition of it.)
    • Jon has a humiliation streak. Arya and Gendry take a bit of convincing to go along with it, but...
    • Arya pegging one or both of the guys.
Margaery Tyrell/Renly Baratheon/Loras Tyrell
I mean, come on. Margaery suggested it herself! How am I supposed to resist?
  • My kingdom for an AU in which Renly defeated Stannis on the battlefield and went on to become King of Westeros (I'm fine with either Robb swearing fealty to him or Renly agreeing to let the North become independent in exchange for help securing the Iron Throne).
Sansa Stark/Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen
Honestly, I'd prefer if you ditched the whole "King in the North" bullshit and gave me Sansa, Queen in the North instead.
  • Jon Snow finds himself caught between two queens: Sansa Stark, Queen in the North, and Daenerys Targaryen, Queen on the Iron Throne.

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Jones/Balem Abrasax
  • Jupiter being the dominant one in this relationship is my absolute favorite, especially if there's plenty of Oedipal subtext going on.
  • Balem grows increasingly obsessed with the young Earth girl who looks like his beloved mother.
  • Dominance Struggle! If femdom's out, this is the next best thing. Preferably, either Jupiter is the decisive victor of the struggle or there isn't a decisive winner at all. (Having Balem gain the upper hand is perfectly fine! Having him utterly defeat her is... squicky for me.)
  • Don't want femdom or a struggle for dominance? Give me dubcon with Balem as the aggressor/instigator!
  • Literally anything that acknowledges that Balem's lust for Jupiter is just lust for his mother (and feel free to make past Balem/Seraphi a confirmed thing).
    • I... don't really enjoy mommy kink, but I'm okay with it for this pairing if it's really what you've got your heart set on writing.
  • Give me mind games! Balem likes toying with Jupiter.
  • Balem has no feelings for Jupiter beyond contempt when he first takes her captive; but the longer he has her, the more he likes her--and wants her.
  • Possessiveness! Balem has already had to kill his mother once; now, he's not willing to risk Jupiter ever being taken away.
  • Protectiveness! No one is allowed to hurt Jupiter but him.
  • Balem wants her, but she is so not here for weird space incest (even if she is attracted to him). He takes her resistance as a challenge.
  • Jupiter can see how Balem's lust for her (or, you know, his mother) is at war with his hatred for her; she finds it amusing to toy with him, just to see how long it takes before he gives in.
  • Jupiter has been with him so long, subject to forced RegeneX bath after forced RegeneX bath to keep her alive, young, and beautiful so many years after her life, youth, and looks should have faded. She's been with him so long, in fact, that she almost doesn't hate him anymore.
  • Smut Prompts:
    • Face-sitting! Jupiter sits on Balem's face*; neither of them expected him to be as into it as he is.
      • *some options:
        • There is a pre-existing sexual relationship between them, and Jupiter attempts to gain more control--temporarily or long-term--by forcing him into that position.
        • that "oops we fell into a compromising position" trope; i.e., Jupiter knocks Balem down and ends up with her ass/pubic area right in his face
    • Maybe he loves doing it, maybe she loves making him do it; just give me Balem eating Jupiter out.
    • Jupiter humiliates Balem about the pseudo-incest inherent in their relationship. (Or maybe she just tries to humiliate him, and it doesn't actually affect him.)
    • Jupiter pegging Balem.
    • Mutual dubcon via sex pollen; bonus points for an aftermath scene/chapter/whatever!


Jason Blossom/Cheryl Blossom
I've always been a fan of twincest ships, from the non-canon (Thom and Alanna of Trebond) to the canon (Jaime and Cersei Lannister) to Riverdale's kinda-maybe-sorta-canon-ish pair (that soulmates line, anyone?).
  • Give me secret relationships, incestuous teenagers uniting against their shitty parents, closeness that's unsettling to onlookers if not outright implicating, and unhealthily intense relationships.
  • My kingdom for an AU in which Jason was turned into a vampire instead of being outright murdered.
Veronica Lodge/Jason Blossom/Cheryl Blossom
Cheryl says Jason is her soulmate. Cheryl says Jason would've liked Veronica. I say Veronica/Cheryl has some potential. OT3 time!
  • Again, I'm always on board for a "Jason comes back as a vampire" AU. (Or even a "the Blossoms are vampires" AU!)
  • If it's a "Jason never died" AU, I'd be interested in seeing a manifestation of the Polly arc in which Jason/Polly really was just a slut-shaming womanizing thing for which Cheryl and Veronica enthusiastically punish him.
Betty Cooper/Veronica Lodge/Cheryl Blossom/Jason Blossom
So, let's forget all about Polly for a minute and just throw all of Archie's love interests Jason's way (except for Valerie, because I'm actually pretty fond of Valerie/Archie!). Just because we can.
  • I'd kill for a femdom OT4 with all the women dominating sub!Jason.

Original Works

DNW outright noncon, please! I love dubcon, though.

Female Heroine (Niece)/Male Villain (Uncle)
For this one, I'd prefer if the dynamic was more predatory than mutual. I'd also prefer if the uncle/villain knew of the familial relationship between the two of them; the heroine/niece, however, can either know or not know.
  • Give me stalking, obsession, and dubiously consensual touching.
  • If the heroine/niece character doesn't know about the familial relationship between them, I'd be particularly interested in reading something from the villain/uncle's point of view.
  • Having the villain attempt to seduce the heroine into joining him is one of my favorite tropes!
Female Heroine (Sister)/Male Villain (Brother)
For this one, I'd prefer if the dynamic leaned toward some degree of mutual attraction than something legitimately unwanted. But I still would enjoy seeing a bit of a predatory edge to the dynamic, provided that there isn't a "bad end" on the horizon.
  • Give me stalking, obsession, and dubiously consensual touching.
  • Having the villain attempt to seduce the heroine into joining him is one of my favorite tropes!
Female Heroine/Male Villain (Twin Brother)/Female Villain (Twin Sister)
  • Give me a pair of incestuous, villainous twins intent upon seducing the heroine into joining them, and then give me a heroine who's shocked by how utterly into it she is.
Female Human (Sister)/Male Human Possessed by Demon (Brother)
The dynamic I'd be hoping for with this one is genuine menace. Please keep my DNWs in mind (no mutilation, etc.).
  • Give me stalking, obsession, and dubiously consensual touching, and give me a heroine who's both terrified and shocked at her own arousal.
Female Human (Sister)/Male Vampire (Brother)
  • Ideally, I'd like the sister to want to find a way to cure her brother while the brother wants to turn his sister into a vampire. I'd prefer if there wasn't an established romantic/sexual relationship between them; I'd particularly love if it was implied that becoming a vampire is what made the brother suddenly disregard the taboo nature of incestuous attraction (and, hell, maybe he wasn't even attracted to his sister until after he was turned).
Male Hero (Brother)/Female Heroine/Male Villain (Brother)
I'm down for a V (simultaneous hero/heroine and heroine/villain) or a triangle (hero/heroine/villain) configuration for this one.
  • My ideal configuration would be for hero/heroine to be an established relationship and for the villain to want to seduce the both of them. (But I'm also interested in the villain wanting to seduce the heroine away from the hero.)
Male Vampire (Brother)/Female Human/Male Vampire (Brother)
  • Give me two vampire brothers competing for the woman (and, ideally, both succeeding).
  • Or give me two vampires working together to seduce the woman! (If there's an established romantic/sexual relationship between the two brothers, even better!)
Older Prince (Brother)/Foreign Princess/Younger Prince (Brother)
  • My ideal configuration would be for there to be an established or budding sexual/romantic relationship between the foreign princess and the younger prince, and for the older prince to attempt to seduce either the foreign princess or the foreign princess and the younger prince, as well.
Warrior Prince (Brother)/Princess (Sister)/Sorcerer Prince (Brother)
  • I'd be particularly interested in reading about a less-than-entirely-heroic sorcerer prince attempting to seduce his siblings, especially if there is some degree of rivalry between the two brothers/princes.

Harry Potter

Fandom-Specific DNWs:
  • Please don't include any references to Cursed Child.
  • Please don't sort Scorpius into any House other than Slytherin. (See also: House preferences.)
House Preferences:
  • Scorpius should be in Slytherin. (See fandom-specific DNWs!)
  • I'd prefer if Al was sorted into Slytherin, but Gryffindor is also fine.
  • For Lily, either Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw are fine!
Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter/Lily Luna Potter
  • How does Draco react to discovering that his son is dating a Potter (presuming he doesn't also find out about the incestuous polyamory; if he does, how does he react to that)?
  • Albus and Lily both want to be public about their relationship with Scorpius, but neither wants to be open about their relationship with their sibling.
  • Albus and Lily both want Scorpius. Rather than compete for him, why not work together?

Crimson Peak

Thomas Sharpe/Edith Cushing/Lucille Sharpe
  • That scene in which Edith walks in on Thomas and Lucille having sex? Give me an alternate version in which she decides to join them, instead!
  • Alternately, give me a story in which Lucille slowly begins to develop a fondness for her new sister-in-law and ultimately decides to let her live.


Sylar/Claire Bennet/Peter Petrelli
Sylar/Claire was always my OTP, man, but after The Wall, I can totally see an OT3 version of the ship taking hold. (Note, however, that I do very strongly prefer the name Sylar to Gabriel.)
  • Post-canon get together! (DNW anything related to Heroes Reborn!)
  • Alternately, Sylar and Dark!Peter attempt to seduce Claire into joining them. (And hopefully their attempts are successful...?)

Dragon Age

Carver Hawke/Female Hawke
For the record, I actually haven't played Dragon Age II. But I'm thoroughly spoiled on the plot, and hanging around the fandom's kinkmeme has given me a surprise interest in Carver/Hawke. DNW noncon.
  • Rivals to lovers is what I'm looking for here! Ideally, I'd love to see Carver's tense feelings toward his eldest sister stem from repressed or unacknowledged sexual attraction; I'm fine if it's a one-sided attraction or if Hawke herself eventually reciprocates.


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