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  • Horror
    • horror with sexual and/or romantic undertones
    • psychological horror
    • supernatural horror (monsters, hauntings, etc.)
    • demons, fair folk, & eldritch abominations
  • Romance
  • Plots and Tropes
  • Kinks
    • Femdom (F/m) is definitely my favorite kink. (I'm not a huge fan of F/f, though.)
    • dubcon
      • My preference here is for the female character (if there is one*) to either be in control or to struggle for it. Seeing female characters in het pairings actually submit is a big turn-off for me. (*If we're talking M/M or F/F or poly involving multiple women, though, I'm pretty much good with any variety of dubcon. And if we're talking monsters... go fucking nuts.)
    • older man/younger woman (or older man/younger man)
    • jealousy and voyeurism
      • I love outside perspective porn in which the character who's watching is jealous of one or both (or more?) participants. Maybe they end up joining in, maybe they fantasize about joining in, maybe they masturbate, maybe they're scheming on how to get involved (or break the couple up?), etcetera, etcetera. I love it.
    • humiliation
      • I enjoy reading F/m or M/m sexual humiliation (provided it's either full con or dubcon and doesn't focus on shaming the sub or victim's weight, gender/orientation/race, mental illness, or past sexual abuse).
    • feminization
      • Please only use feminization kink for cisgender male characters; please don't write me feminization kink that involves FTM transgender characters.
      • Con or noncon are both fine, but dubcon is spectacular.
    • biting
    • begging
    • orgasm denial / edging
    • And then there's the weird stuff (might be squicky for some people, so highlight to read):
      • tentacles
      • oviposition (male or female victim; con, dubcon, or noncon)
      • forniphilia
      • watersports (con if het or f/f; con, dubcon, or noncon if m/m or femdom)
      • mindbreak (of male victims)


I (Usually) Prefer Not to Read:
  • redemption of the villain
  • explicit (non-poly) F/F sex
  • issuefic
  • gender identity or sexual orientation headcanons
  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of sixteen
  • Alternate Universes and Crossovers other than those explicitly requested.
  • genderswap
I Definitely Do Not Want:
  • fem!sub (unless it's a relationship with multiple women)
  • maiming or loss of limbs, organs, or senses
  • gore, torture porn, snuff, necrophilia, cannibalism
  • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of fourteen
  • pro-Christian/Jewish/Abrahamic moralizing (stories that utilize these mythologies are welcome; stories that preach or otherwise encourage following religion are wholeheartedly not welcome)
  • mommy/daddy kink
  • scat/farting
  • foot fetish
  • conception/pregnancy/mpreg/fempreg
  • ageplay or infantilism
  • A/B/O
  • character bashing or vilifying


In this section, I am going to be outlining my own ideas about each song's lyrics. Feel free to use any or all of these prompts, or to come up with something else entirely for the song you offered! Go where your muse takes you.

However, as a general note, please bear in mind that I vastly prefer stories with supernatural elements over those that interpret their songs in an entirely mundane, non-magical fashion.

A Spotify playlist of all my requested songs can be found here. If you cannot use Spotify for whatever reason, all songs can also be found on YouTube.


The Lion and the Wolf - Thrice (Song) | Lyrics
The lion's outside of your door
The wolf's in your bed

I've always interpreted this song as having three characters, excluding the narrator: the oft-mentioned "you", the lion, and the wolf. The lion and the wolf are both identified in the song as "he", and I would prefer it the "you" was identified as a female character.

When both the wolf and lion crave
The same thing in the end
Ideally, I'd like to see these lyrics interpreted sexually.
The wolf lets him in
The lion runs in through the door
The real fun begins
My perfect plot? The female "you" character begins a relationship with the male wolf, who is more villainous than she realizes. The lion, meanwhile, "crave[s] the same thing" (read: her) as the wolf, and the wolf helps him get it. (DNW violent noncon, please! Dubcon is preferred.)
As they both rush upon you and
Rip open your flesh
The lion eats his fill and then
The wolf cleans up the mess

There's plenty of room here for violence, character death, and cannibalism, but I'd prefer if you shied away from those. (Violence and character death are alright if that's really what you've got your heart set on, but DNW the "you" character actually being eaten.) As implied earlier, I'd prefer if the violent imagery here was taken as a metaphor for less-than-strictly consensual sexuality.


Run Rabbit Run - The Hoosiers (Song) | Lyrics
I saw a fox by the rabbit hole
You saw a prince from a fairy tale
He promised that he'd watch over you
Turned out to be the fox we all knew
For this song, I've always interpreted the lyrics as referring to three separate characters, including the narrator: "I", the narrator; the fox/prince from a fairytale; and "you", the rabbit. I'd prefer if the animals were used as motifs rather than interpreted literally, either in the sense of xenofiction or shapeshifters or werecreatures.

Also, while the "fox" character is identified within the song as male, neither the "I" character nor the rabbit are identified by gender. I would vastly prefer if the rabbit were female, and I would slightly prefer if the "I" character were male.

He'll dance to your beat, and steal your heart
And smile with those teeth and tear you apart
Hounds on your heels, you don't stop for breath
You'll wear yourself out till there's nothing left

I really like the idea of the fox character trying to hook the rabbit character into an "us against the world" mindset in which the rabbit becomes hunted by the same "hounds" (interpret as you please--it could be as wide as "society at large" to as narrow as a specific organization, team, or group of people) as the fox and therefore isolated from everyone but the fox.

Run rabbit run, as fast as you can,
don't look back
don't look back
And of course, the rabbit trying to escape the fox should be a not-insignificant part of the plot! (Alternately, it could simply be the narrator encouraging the rabbit to run, with the warning never being heeded.)

I'd prefer if this story didn't end with character death or anything else horrific happening to the rabbit character, but if your muse refuses to go in any other direction, I won't mind a tragic ending as long as it isn't too graphically violent or vicious/spiteful toward the rabbit character.


The Wolves - JJ & the Pillars (Song) | Lyrics

Honestly, I'm rather partial to taking this one literally, including interpreting the "wolves" as werewolves rather than any kind of metaphor for something more mundane. What I'd really love to read for this one is a human versus werewolves story!

You never thought that I would make it this far
Drove me to a road and tossed me out of your car
For fear of the traffic, I walked through a forest of trees
It started getting darker as the city disappeared behind me

It's not unreasonable to interpret this line as an indication that the "I" character is some kind of animal (a family pet, perhaps), but I'd prefer if that wasn't the direction you took. I'd much prefer the "I" character was human; and while you're free to interpret the "I" character as either male or female, I would prefer male.

So run, run, run the wolves are coming for you
Be quiet as the wind because he's tracking you
So run, run, run; remember what he said
You better tiptoe through the snow or you'll end up dead
Be quiet as the wind or you'll end up dead
You better take your chances now
Or you'll end up dead
I really think this song is set up perfectly to be adapted into a thriller/horror story about trying to survive!


Where the Lonely Ones Roam - Digital Daggers (Song) | Lyrics

Won't you come out
We could paint the town red
I've always taken this song to be about two characters: the person speaking/singing, and the person being spoken/sung to. Feel free to interpret either character as either male or female, but I would prefer if the singer and the person being sung to were both female.

Kill a little time
You can sleep when you're dead
Cause it isn't over yet
Get it out of your head
I find the repeated "cause it isn't over yet" line to be the most enigmatic (and therefore perhaps the most interesting) line of the lyrics. What isn't over yet? You tell me!
Meet me in the gutter
Make the devil your friend
I'd say that it's fairly clear from the lyrics that the singer is an antagonistic/villainous character. This particular line could be assumed to imply anything from a sinful human to a literal devil, and I would be particularly pleased if you opted for the demonic interpretation.

Follow me home
To where the lonely ones roam

On the other hand, the "lonely ones" is a euphemism that has been used for vampires (the example that comes to mind is a season two episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and I'm also interested in that interpretation! (Honestly, there's good evidence both for the singer being a vampire and for him/her being a demon/fallen angel/similar creature, but more on that in a minute!)

Won't you come out
I've been waiting for you
The entreaty to come out could further imply vampirism, going off the mythology that vampires cannot enter a home unless invited. (However, vampires are not the only supernatural creatures which have been stated to suffer this restriction; it can definitely also apply to demons and other creatures. It's just most commonly associated with vampires in current pop culture.)

Say you have a little faith in me
Just close your eyes and let me lead
The request to specifically have "faith" in the singer, as well as to submissively "close your eyes and let me lead", could be a particularly interesting line to play with in the context of a demonic singer.

Come down to where all of the others fell
Get lost in the dark to find yourself
The concepts of "falling" and "getting lost in the dark" could both be very interesting depending on the type of creature the singer is. For demons, falling could refer to fallen angels; for vampires, it could refer to turning; for other creatures, it could mean something else entirely. Getting lost int he dark, too, could mean a whole host of things. Go where inspiration takes you!


Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco (Song) | Lyrics

If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Dynasty decapitated
You just might see a ghost tonight
Honestly, what appeals to me most about this song are the interwoven themes of hedonism and royalty. Please note that I prefer to read about royalty of the fantasy variety, not the historical/mundane variety (and there's at least one line later in the song that could lend to that interpretation).

I'm taking back the crown
I'm all dressed up and naked
I see what's mine and take it
So close I can taste it

My ideal plotline for this one would be something involving an actual uprising for a throne, in which the song's POV character is a previously dethroned (or, hell, outright killed and subsequently resurrected) hedonistic former ruler intent upon retaking his throne.

I am so much more than royal
Heroes always get remembered
But you know legends never die

This can be interpreted two ways. One, the man is a huge egotist and his importance is at least slightly exaggerated. Or two, he genuinely is more than simply royal. (Maybe he's a powerful sorcerer, maybe he's a demigod, maybe he's somehow ascended to godhood, maybe something else entirely!)

Mortal kings are ruling castles
Welcome to my world of fun
This does rather imply something interesting about his kingdom, doesn't it? (If "mortal kings" are ruling castles, what the hell is he ruling?)


Snow White Queen - Evanescence (Song) | Lyrics

Stoplight, lock the door
Don't look back
This song does a great job of building an atmosphere of fear, and I'd love to read a story that does the same.

Say you belong to me,
My snow white queen
There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over
Soon I know you'll see
You're just like me
Don't screen anymore, my love, 'cause all I love is you
Really, I don't think there's any way to interpret this song other than as one of obsession and stalking, and. I'd say it's quite clear that there are two characters here: the stalker and the victim. If I'm understanding things correctly, Amy Lee is singing both parts; this could be interpreted, then, as both parts being female characters... but to be perfectly honest, I would vastly prefer to read about a male singer/stalker and a female "snow white queen"/victim.

Wake up in a dream
Frozen fear
All your hands on me
I can't scream
I can't scream

For this particular song, feel free to include an element of noncon/rape. (That said, I would much prefer if it's a less violent instance of rape, such as the nonconsensual somnophilia implied in the song.)

I can't save your life
Though nothing I bleed for is more tormenting
I'm losing my mind and you just stand there and stare
as my world divides

I've got two possible interpretations for this bit. Either the victim is facing some kind of unavoidable doom/death, and there's nothing that her stalker can do nothing to save her, or the victim decides to take her own life to escape her stalker, who can do nothing to save her. But if you've got a different interpretation in mind, follow your muse!


Haunted - Evanescence (Song) | Lyrics

I know you're still there
Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you, loving you
I won't let you pull me down
Given the title, a very obvious interpretation for this song is that the "you" in question is a ghost haunting the "I". I, however, would prefer something just a few shades darker: rather than a ghost or departed human spirit of some kind, I'm kind of a sucker for demon stories. (Later lines, however, could lend support to other supernatural interpretations! More on that in a minute.)

Hunting you, I can smell you--alive
Your heart pounding in my head
To me, these are this song's two "odd lines out", so to speak. Whereas everything else can be interpreted as a spirit/human obsession, this line implies something more bestial and physical than a ghost or demon. "Hunting" and "smell" in particular, not to mention the idea of sensing the victim's heartbeat in any capacity, lends itself to werewolves or similar creatures.

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Saving me, raping me, watching me
The juxtaposition of "saving" and "raping" is very interesting, and I'd love to see it play into the story somehow!


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