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General Stuff

    • Kinks
      • Femdom (F/m) is definitely my favorite kink. (I'm not a huge fan of F/f, though.)
      • dubcon
        • My preference here is for the female character (if there is one*) to either be in control or to struggle for it. Seeing female characters in het pairings actually submit is a big turn-off for me. (*If we're talking M/M or F/F or poly involving multiple women, though, I'm pretty much good with any variety of dubcon. And if we're talking monsters... go fucking nuts.)
      • older man/younger woman (or older man/younger man)
      • jealousy and voyeurism
        • I love outside perspective porn in which the character who's watching is jealous of one or both (or more?) participants. Maybe they end up joining in, maybe they fantasize about joining in, maybe they masturbate, maybe they're scheming on how to get involved (or break the couple up?), etcetera, etcetera. I love it.
      • humiliation
        • I enjoy reading F/m or M/m sexual humiliation (provided it's either full con or dubcon and doesn't focus on shaming the sub or victim's weight, gender/orientation/race, mental illness, or past sexual abuse).
      • feminization
        • Please only use feminization kink for cisgender male characters; please don't write me feminization kink that involves FTM transgender characters.
        • Con or noncon are both fine, but dubcon is spectacular.
      • biting
      • begging
      • orgasm denial / edging
      • And then there's the weird stuff (might be squicky for some people, so highlight to read):
        • tentacles
        • oviposition (male or female victim; con, dubcon, or noncon)
        • forniphilia
        • watersports (con if het or f/f; con, dubcon, or noncon if m/m or femdom)
        • mindbreak (of male victims)

    I (Usually) Prefer Not to Read:

    • redemption of the villain
    • explicit (non-poly) F/F sex
    • issuefic
    • gender identity or sexual orientation headcanons
    • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of sixteen
    • Alternate Universes and Crossovers other than those explicitly requested.
    • genderswap

    I Definitely Do Not Want:

    • fem!sub (unless it's a relationship with multiple women)
    • maiming or loss of limbs, organs, or senses
    • gore, torture porn, snuff, necrophilia, cannibalism
    • anything sexual involving anyone under the age of fourteen
    • pro-Christian/Jewish/Abrahamic moralizing (stories that utilize these mythologies are welcome; stories that preach or otherwise encourage following religion are wholeheartedly not welcome)
    • mommy/daddy kink
    • scat/farting
    • foot fetish
    • conception/pregnancy/mpreg/fempreg
    • ageplay or infantilism
    • A/B/O
    • character bashing or vilifying


Sorry this was a placeholder for so long!

In general, I'll be over the moon with anything you come up with that hits both one of my requested ships and one of the corresponding tropes. I'm easy to please!

Harry Potter

DNW any references to or details from Cursed Child.

The following prompts can apply to any/all of the requested ships. (Though I'll admit that my favorite of the three requested ships is Harry/Voldemort/Ginny!)

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies - Inanimate objects with soul fragments attached become horcruxes; living creatures with soul fragments attached, however, become soulbonded to the owner of the soul fragment. How does canon change if Harry and Voldemort are soulbonded?
  • Enemy is Their Soulmate - Voldemort is Harry and/or Ginny's soulmate. How does Voldemort react to this realization? (And how does the realization come about?)
  • Soulbonded to the Enemy - Either accidentally or purposefully, Voldemort is soulbonded to Harry and/or Ginny. If it was on purpose, what was the motive? (And whose fault was it?) And what happens now that these enemies are soulbonded?
  • Non-consensual Soubond - For whatever reason, Voldemort decides to force a soulbond upon Harry and/or Ginny. Give me the emotional fallout of the victim(s)! (And, you know, maybe some villainous gloating?)
  • Soulmate AU: Simultaneous Deaths - Voldemort's soulmate(s) is/are Harry and/or Ginny. If Voldemort dies, so will Harry and/or Ginny. What does Harry do? Canon makes it clear that he doesn't mind sacrificing himself to stop Voldemort, but maybe that changes if there's confirmation that Voldemort is his soulmate? And if Voldemort's death means Ginny's death, can Harry bring himself to go through with it then?
  • Soulmate is Fated Nemesis/Rival - (This one works best as Harry/Voldemort or Harry/Voldemort/Ginny, but feel free to try to make it work as Voldemort/Ginny, too!) The prophecy clarifies that either Voldemort or Harry must kill the other, but Voldemort is Harry and/or Ginny's soulmate. What problems arise?
  • Soulmate-Identifying Marks - This is my favorite soulmate trope simply because of how versatile it is. I particularly love it when there's some kind of shock involved--e.g., Harry and Ginny are delighted to learn that they share a soulmark (or whatever)... and horrified to later realize that Voldemort shares their mark, as well.
  • You Can't Die as Long as Your Soulbonded is Alive - Feel free to go for a "horcruxes are soulbonds" premise or to combine this with that non-consensual soulbond prompt up there!
  • You Can't Die as Long as Your Soulmate is Alive - Voldemort's soulmate is Harry and/or Ginny, and so he can't die unless Harry and/or Ginny are also killed. What does the Order of the Phoenix do?
  • Your Ghost Can't Move on to the Afterlife Until Your Soulmate is Dead Too - Voldemort haunts Harry and/or Ginny post-Deathly Hallows. (For the record, I prefer stories that comply with epilogue events to those that disregard the epilogue.)


Canon-Specific DNWs:

  • Non-canon relationships not specifically requested.
  • Khajiit, Argonian, or Snow Elf/Falmer Dragonborns
  • "Mixed Race" Dragonborns. In Elder Scrolls lore, the children of mixed race couples are always the same race as their mother (i.e., a Dunmer father and an Altmer mother will have an Altmer child; an Imperial father and a Nord mother will have a Nord child; etc.)
  • Alternate Universes or Crossovers excluding Dragon Age crossovers or those AUs/crossovers specifically prompted below.
  • Please write Mephala, Nocturnal, and Vaermina as female or sexless manifesting as female; please don't write them as male, sexless manifesting as male, or any other gender/sex.
  • I'm not really interested in porn that involves penetrative sex between a human and dragon. (If you're going the route of dragon/human porn, please stick to "Shout sex" or dragon-on-human oral.)
  • Please do not write anything sexual involving Nelkir or any other child character (including Babette).
  • Please also read through my general DNWs at the top of the page.


  • I strongly prefer the Dragonborn to be a Nord, but any human/elf race (i.e., Bretons, Imperials, Redguards, Dunmer, Altmer, Bosmer, or Orsimer) is fine.


  • Accepting a Soulbond to Save the World - Paarthurnax reveals to the Dragonborn that the only way to defeat Alduin is to use a soulbond to keep him in check, and since she's the only trustworthy person with a dragon soul available right now, the job is entirely up to her.
  • Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies - The Dragonborn's defeat of Alduin in Sovngarde is only temporary; when he inevitably returns, the Dragonborn and he are both horrified to discover that his defeat forged a soulbond between them.
  • Refusing to Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates - Alduin is horrified that his soulmate is a mere Dovahkiin.
  • Soulbonded to the Enemy - Alduin and the Dragonborn are, through whatever means, soulbonded. How does each of them react?
  • Enemy is Their Soulmate - Alduin and the Dragonborn are soulmates. How does it change things?
  • Non-Consensual Soubond - For some reason, Alduin decides to forcibly inflict a soulbond upon the Dragonborn. Alternately, the Dragonborn forcibly inflicts a soulbond upon Alduin under the circumstances prompted at "accepting a soulbond to save the world".
  • Soulmate-Identifying Marks - A soulmark of some kind reveals to either Alduin or the Dragonborn that they are one another's soulmate. What do they do with this knowledge? (And does the other find out?)
  • Universe Pulls Soulmates Together - The whole reason Alduin warped through time to the day of the Dragonborn's execution was to save her life. What now?
  • You Can't Die as Long as Your Soulbonded is Alive - The reason the Dragonborn didn't absorb Alduin's soul after his defeat in Sovngarde is that Alduin (perhaps without the Dragonborn realizing) forged a soulbond with her.
  • You Can't Die as Long as Your Soulmate is Alive - The reason the Dragonborn didn't absorb Alduin's soul after his defeat in Sovngarde is that Alduin is her soulmate. Did he know that? Did Paarthurnax know? And what happens when Alduin inevitably comes back?

Heroes (TV)

DNW any references to or details from Heroes Reborn.

Claire Bennet/Sylar

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies - Sylar goes after an empowered person whose ability is to essentially forge soulbonds. Claire (and, presumably, her father or Peter or anyone else whose involvement makes sense) is there to stop him from killing the person... but Claire and Sylar wind up soulbonded for their troubles. And it's irreversible.
  • Enemy is their Soulmate - Sylar is thrilled to discover that his soulmate is one of the most special specials of all: Claire Bennet, the ageless, unkillable girl.
  • Killing Someone Else's Soulbond to Make Them "Available" - Claire's soulbond (preferably Gretchen, but all canon love interests as well as Peter and Hiro are fair game) is standing in the way of Sylar forging his own soulbond with her. What's a serial killer to do? Murder the hypotenuse, of course! (For the record: while I'm asking for at least implied character death here, the death should be presented as something horrifying. I'm not interested in a story that acts like the killed character somehow "deserved" it.)
  • Soulbonding Grants Powers - Sylar's power works differently than in canon. Instead of taking brains apart to see how the powers work, he somehow soulbonds himself and his victim, thus giving him access to his victim's powers and vice versa... and then he kills his victim so he doesn't have to deal with actually living with a soulbond. It works great... until he decides to go after Claire. He can't take her power without forging a soulbond with her, but he won't be able to kill her once he's done it... nor will he be able to soulbond to anyone else (either because a soul may only be bonded once or because soulbonding to anyone else would only create more extremely superpowered immortal people that Sylar wouldn't be able to get rid of). So what happens? Does Sylar go through with it, and if so, why? And if he goes through with it, how does Claire react to suddenly having all these new and frightening powers?
  • Soulmate-Identifying Marks - Claire is horrified when she catches a glimpse of Sylar's soul mark, because she realizes quite suddenly that she's his soulmate. Can she keep that secret from him? What happens if/when Sylar finds out?
  • Soulmates Share Dreams - Claire has always shared dreams with her mysterious soulmate. Lately, though, they've been growing increasingly dark and violent.
  • Universe Pulls Soulmates Together - Claire and Sylar are genuinely trying to avoid each other, but fate keeps shoving them back into one another's paths. Something post-canon would be interesting... except that I'm not a big fan of Sylar/Gabriel as a good guy.
  • One-Sided Desire for Soulbond - Sylar wants a soulbond with Claire. Claire could not be less interested. Does he try to sway her? Does he try to create a soulbond without her consent? What happens if he manages it?
  • Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person - Season 1 era Claire is horrified to learn that her soulmate is a super-powered murderer.

Original Work

Go where your heart takes you for these. I'll be pleased with anything, really, but I'm particularly hoping to read a dynamic in which the male character(s) has/have some degree of affection for the female character. DNW character death!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Spike/Buffy Summers

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies - Spike and Buffy are accidentally soulbonded, preferably during season two or season four. What now? (And, if Angel, Angelus, and/or Drusilla are still around, how in the world does that work out?)
  • Soulmates Being Born in Different Time Periods - Spike lived a century without a soulmate, and now he inexplicably has one. A season two AU in which Spike turns on Angelus and Drusilla in order to protect Buffy would be amazing!
  • Soulmate-Identifying Marks - Spike and Buffy have matching soulmarks, identifying them as one another's soulmates. Depending on the era, they're either surprisingly okay with this or utterly horrified. But there's one other thing: a certain friendly neighborhood vampire with a soul (read: Angel) has definitely seen enough of both Spike and Buffy to have realized their marks matched. So what gives?
  • One Soulmate Has Lost Their Soul - Can Spike really be Buffy's soulmate if Spike doesn't actually have a soul?
  • Refusing to Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates - Preferably set during either season two or season four, Spike and Buffy are beginning to realize that they're almost certainly one another's soulmates... but under no circumstances are they ever going to admit that.
  • Told to Kill Soulmate as a Test of Loyalty - Angelus instructs Spike to kill Buffy to prove his loyalty. There shouldn't be much of a problem, after all, since Spike doesn't even have a soul (so what would he need a soulmate for?)... but Spike's always been a strangely human vampire


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