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Fandom: Parabellum (original fiction)
Pairing(s): Stelian Frost/Sparrow/Galen Freed
Prompt(s): [ profile] 3sentence Table Two
Warning(s): implied/referenced rape/noncon, Stockholm syndrome, other potential triggers, spoilers
one sentence fiction

1. Mystic
Sure, it qualifies as magical thinking and there's no truth to it at all, but there's a part of Galen that truly and deeply wants to believe in some mystical concept of a soulmate; frivolous and superstitious indulgence it might be, but he does enjoy the thought that this bond between the three of them is somehow meant to be.

2. Fairy
Galen wants to be her knight in shining armor, as if he actually thinks that life is a fairy tale; but if that were true, then someone would've saved her long before this, and she wouldn't have lost herself to Frost the way she has.

3. Wish
If Galen could fix this with a single wish, his request wouldn't be that he had known the truth of their marriage from the start or even that the truth had never come out, so he could carry on with the relationship in happy ignorance; his wish, instead, would be that it had never happened at all, that they had been the happy couple they seemed and Frost had truly been the man Galen had idolized and craved for so long, instead of an unrepentant monster who couldn't begin to deserve their love.

4. Dream
What started as a dream come true turned into a nightmare in the span of ten minutes, and Galen has no idea how he's supposed to move on from something like this.

5. Power
Now that he can see the Circle for what it is, the extent of its power terrifies him; that this handful of men and women truly have free reign to dismantle other people's lives like this is horrifying, and the realization that he might never have understood the truth if it hadn't been for Sparrow just makes it all the worse.

6. Struggle
He has this image of her in his mind, struggling and desperate, and it makes his stomach churn; knowing that wasn't how it really happened, though, is somehow even worse.

7. Easy
Telling himself that he'll stay away, that he'll stop looking and caring and will simply move on with his life, is easy; following through with that conviction, though, is a much harder task.

8. Enough
It'll never be enough, he decides; no recompense or retribution could ever make up for what he's done to her.

9. More
Frost actually seems genuine in his remorse, and Galen must begrudgingly admit that he can't really ask for any more than that.

10. Less
Galen knows his parents are still far less than thrilled about this whole relationship, but at least they've had the decency so far to keep their disapproval to themselves; Aslan, he fears, doesn't plan to keep his mouth shut much longer.

11. Make
He wishes he could make her go, but he's neither Frost nor Simon Ides; he could never bring himself to force her like the former would, and he doubts he'll ever be able to sway her like the latter, either.

12. Believe
He doesn't want to believe her, but he's not sure which of the two facts he's more sure he wishes he didn't believe: that Frost had really done to her what she'd claimed, or that she'd forgiven him for it.

13. Could
If only this had happened years ago, she thinks, she could have said yes to his offer; but she's so tangled up in Frost now that she doesn't think she could disentangle them even if she wanted to try, and so, she fears, both she and Galen will just have to move on.

14. Would
He would've done almost anything to get Frost away from her, and it's odd to realize that hasn't actually changed; it's his reasons, of course, that are entirely different now.

15. Breath(e)
It's not until Galen gets home that the tears come, and then they're falling harder and faster than they have since he was a child, his chest wracked with sobs so strong that he can hardly breathe.

16. Snake
It's a pity, Galen thinks, that he didn't realize just what kind of snake Frost was until long after he'd been bitten; and he has to wonder why someone--most of all Sparrow--didn't warn him sooner.

17. Poison
The more Galen hears about what Frost has done to her, the more he comes to think of the man's influence as poison; he doesn't know if he would've loved the woman she was before or if he even would've liked her, but he's sure she didn't deserve to fall to Frost's will like this.

18. Apple
Sparrow, Aslan decides, is the apple of discord here; if not for her, Frost would have toyed with Galen and broken his heart, and Aslan would have to put up with a sulking younger sibling instead of one who was planning to get married to a man twice his age and a woman that man clearly loved more.

19. Snow
Galen's red-orange hair stands out among the winter wonderland the snowfall has turned the garden into, and Frost can't help but feel he's doing something wrong as he watches them; they're playing like children, Galen offering her something now that she never had during her actual childhood, and it's a stark and disturbing reminder of his own age.

20. White
Frost sees Galen go white in the dim light of the room as Sparrow's words sink into his consciousness, and he knows defeat when he sees it; that's panic in the younger man's eyes, and there's nothing Frost will able to say tonight to talk him off the brink of this.

21. New
Nothing is the same from the moment those words slip past her lips; suddenly, he's looking at everyone he's ever known with newfound suspicion and judgment and hate, and Galen can't believe he let himself be blind to this for so many years.

22. Old
For all Sparrow doesn't seem to mind Frost's age, Galen himself seems to prefer it; not that Frost is complaining, of course, but there's something perhaps a bit disconcerting to realize how interested the young man is in the one thing Frost would rather he not be.

23. Borrowed
It was only in retrospect that Sparrow realized her happiness had been living on borrowed time; Galen was going to find out the truth eventually, and if he'd had any other reaction than the one he did, the relationship still would've been as over as it was right now.

24. Blue
Sparrow wore blue the first time, a cumbersome and inordinately expensive gown that she knew she'd never wear again; now, she's wearing the sleek black dress she'd wanted all along, and Galen looks gorgeous in white.

25. Veil
He isn't going to let Frost draw a veil over this; he raped her, he doesn't deserve to be forgiven for it, and, if this is going to work out between the three of them, Galen fully plans to make sure Frost spends the rest of his life atoning for it.

26. Feeling
For weeks, he doesn't know how to put what he's feeling into words; it's a jumbled mess of disgust and hate and utter longing, and there's no one with whom he feels he can get this off his chest.

27. Misery
This building is steeped in misery, its halls dilapidated and dark and freezing, but it's only when she says that she spent three years of her life within these walls that he truly starts to understand that pain.

28. Jealousy
Galen continues to be surprised by how utterly immune to jealousy Frost is, and it's disconcerting to realize that he's so sure of his position in Sparrow's life only because he never plans to give her another choice.

29. Remorse
Galen wants to make Frost pay, he realizes; the other man seems to have no remorse at all for what he did, and Galen longs to force that on him just as he forced himself on her.

30. Anger
Frost knows this anger is deserved, and there's something surprisingly amusing in the notion that Sparrow seems so satisfied with it; but he knows what he's cost her, and he's going to do whatever it takes to get the young man back.

31. Wanton
He sees Sparrow grin at the younger man's utterly wanton cry, and in that single moment, he knows he's gotten everything he could ever want from her.

32. Desire
There's something horrifically shameful in feeling himself get hard as he watches them, their bodies pressed up against some man he doubts they know any more than he does; if only his morals could actually sway his body, he could at least make this desire for them go away.

33. Dark
The next time Sparrow sees him, there are dark circles underneath his eyes; he looks almost as bad as she had in the weeks after Simon's death, and she can't help the flood of guilt she feels at knowing it's at least partially her fault.

34. Light
Since Galen had come back to them, Frost had been watching Sparrow slowly light up again, and it was only in retrospect that he realized just how sullen and subdued she'd become in the young man's absence; and so, as a matter of course, Frost was utterly determined not to let Galen slip through their fingers again.

35. Touch
It doesn't occur to him at first that this must be exactly what Sparrow's feeling; he wants to forget Frost, to put the thought of him far from his mind and go about his life as if none of this had ever happened, and yet he still finds himself longing for the man's damnable touch.

36. Stolen
Now that he knows what's really between them, Galen can't help but wonder what would have happened if his plan had worked; if he'd stolen Frost away from her, he dreads to think what Sparrow's fate might have been.

37. Money
It's only when she takes him through the streets of Solares, into homeless shelters and soup kitchens and other places he never would've sneered at the mere existence of before she came into his life, that he realizes just what money means to the people who don't have it, compared to the people who do.

38. Greed
It's Frost's obvious greed, Aslan decides, that pisses him off the most; it's not enough that he had to take either the girl or his brother for himself, for some reason the bastard had to have both.

39. Lost
There is something ominous in the way Galen keeps orbiting them, each time coming just a bit closer to what they were before; if he doesn't pull himself free of Frost's influence before the man gets his claws back in him, Galen is going to be just as lost as she is.

40. Found
Sparrow has no idea how it could have happened, but she's fairly sure she's somehow managed to find actual happiness--or else happiness has somehow found her.

41. Fallen
Galen can't help but wonder sometimes how far she's really fallen; he didn't know her before Frost (and back then, he wouldn't have wanted to know her in the first place), but as it stands now, he just wishes they lived in a world where he could've been the one who had gotten to her first.

42. Star
The young man has stars in his eyes, utterly enraptured by Frost as he is, and it's certainly not as if Frost minds the attention; and though he's sure he would've loved and left the boy by now if it wasn't for Sparrow at his side, he's starting to suspect that buried beneath the kid's persistence, perhaps there's something he can use.

43. Bright
Her eyes shine brightly in the young man's presence now, and Frost is shocked to realize that letting Galen Freed into their relationship appears to have been one of the best decisions he ever made.

44. Shine
"My brother's taken quite a shine to you, hasn't he?" Aslan asked, and Sparrow couldn't help but wonder how the man could make such a simple observation sound so ominous and demeaning.

45. Sun
Nestled away in the little grove in the depths of the garden, even the sun can't find them here; so it's here that he tries to tell Sparrow his plan, and it's here that she rejects it all without so much as considering a word.

46. Moon
Sparrow is playing--actually playing--in Galen's backyard in the dead of night with only the light of the moon to guide them, and she has the strangest sense that perhaps she's finally making up for lost time and retaking experiences long since stolen from her.

47. Rock
He's perched on top of Frost's lap in the middle of the Theatre while Sparrow whispers filth in his ear, and the knowledge that the Circle's watching has him hard as a rock before her hand even meets his dick.

48. Galaxy
If the Circle was as a galaxy, then Galen had for so long thought Frost its brightest star; now he sees the rot of corruption within them all, and their system is one he no longer hopes to join.

49. Milky
Frost watches Galen lick the milky white fluid from between Sparrow's legs and grins to himself, content that the younger man appears to have eagerly accepted his place.

50. Way
If Frost had his way, Galen would forget all of his guilt and his condemnation and return to them; so no matter how much Galen would like to do just that, he isn't about to let Frost have what he wants.


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