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Fandom: Parabellum (original fiction)
Pairing(s): Stelian Frost/Sparrow
Prompt(s): [ profile] 1sentence Gamma Table
Warning(s): implied/referenced rape/noncon, Stockholm syndrome, other potential triggers, spoilers
Notes: one sentence fiction

1. Ring
She finds herself staring at the ring much more than she knows she ought; she can't help it, though, because there's something seriously disturbing about wearing a rock worth more than ten times all the money she ever had her hands on before she was drawn into his wake.

2. Hero
It's only in retrospect that he realizes Seth Reinhold had intended to be her hero all along; rather than succumb to what Octavian had done to him, he'd merely proven to be a better actor than Sparrow herself, and he'd merely been biding his time until he could kill Frost and Octavian both and get Sparrow away from them once and for all.

3. Memory
She combs through her memory, looking for even a single recollection that wasn't tainted by what her mother had eventually done or what Frost had done only a few years later; she couldn't find any.

4. Box
She watches Frost set the little box on the tabletop and slide it toward her with the faintest hint of caution, and she thinks this might be the most vulnerable she's seen him yet; even though he told her that he never planned to ask her this until he knew she would say yes, she can see he's still bracing himself for a no.

5. Run
She knows she should have run when she had the chance, because there's an actual part of her now, shamefully close to the surface of her mind, that no longer intends to go the next time the opportunity arises.

6. Hurricane
Those few short weeks after she escaped from the rebels were the eye of the hurricane, but Sparrow only realized that in retrospect; at the time, it seemed as if she'd finally gotten what she'd wanted, and so perhaps she should've realized that the thought of finding happiness was one far too good to be true.

7. Wings
She's chosen the wrong name for herself, clearly, because these people have taken it as an invitation to keep coming up with bird metaphors; her abusers and supposed allies alike just can't seem to shut themselves up about how Frost "caged her" and "clipped her wings", and Sparrow's beginning to think she might simply stab the next person who compares her to a goddamn pet.

8. Cold
Sparrow is sugar and ice to him nowadays; she's cold as death when she doesn't want him around, and yet nothing but affection and need when she does.

9. Red
The funeral is closed-casket only because there isn't enough left of Simon for anything else; fire and shrapnel reduced his corpse to black, charred flesh and an explosive red stain against the concrete, and Frost only wishes he could've somehow found a way to deter Sparrow from seeing it without taking her freedom from her once again.

10. Drink
He knows that she doesn't like to drink simply because intoxication means she lets down her guard; it's just a fraction, but it's enough that she gets dangerously close to letting him see the forgiveness and affection he's craved from her all along.

11. Midnight
Frost kisses her as the clock strikes twelve, and it's a sinister promise about the new year to come.

12. Temptation
Frost is, at his core, wicked temptation; he's an invitation and an opportunity to be everything she's ever hated, and she's well aware that he wants nothing more than to have her give in to his vices without any of the struggle she's been putting up so far.

13. View
His movements have always been calculated and deliberate, but now they've become even more so; half of his posture now revolves around desperately trying to impress her in any way he can, and so with each and every single shift, he tries to offer her the best view he can.

14. Music
The music at the reception was specifically chosen, a carefully selected series of anthems to his victory, and he couldn't be more pleased with how it's turned out.

15. Silk
She's lying beneath silk sheets more luxurious than anything she's ever touched before in her life, and yet she's never felt less comfortable than she does right now.

16. Cover
The shock actually outweighs the frustration when Sparrow slips out from beneath the protection of the covers and reveals herself entirely to Idris and Felix; he isn't pleased that she's offered him this, but he can only think that it's an interesting new step.

17. Promise
Sparrow is surprised by how little she minds the ring these days; it's a symbol of the only worthwhile promise he's ever made her: the promise that he intends to protect her even from himself.

18. Dream
Her dreams change after Simon dies; they're no longer filled with fantasies about escape and recollections of her day's work but blood and explosions and the corpses of the people she's only just started to love.

19. Candle
What he can't understand is why she isn't at least willing to give him a break in this; what he's done to her so far doesn't even hold a candle to what Octavian and the others would do if ever given the chance, and he can't help but wonder what more he can possibly do to make her understand.

20. Talent
Having him be less attractive would be a blessing, but what Sparrow really wishes is that he wasn't as good at this as he is, and that he didn't know how to do things with his fingers and his mouth and his cock that had her forgetting--just for a single, fleeting moment--that she was trying to resist.

21. Silence
Sparrow stares in silence at Simon's headstone, and she's still no closer to figuring out how she feels; if one of them really had to die that day, Sparrow doesn't know whether to be crushed or relieved that it was him instead of Frost.

22. Journey
She is an entirely different person now, she knows, than the woman she was when this began, and even if she wishes she'd never fallen to what Frost has put her through, perhaps there is something to be said for the journey nonetheless.

23. Fire
It's the moment when she turns to him, a fire burning in her eyes that speaks of something more favorably passionate than anything he's seen there before, when he knows he's got her.

24. Strength
Sparrow would like to flatter herself, to ease away her guilt with the thought that it's her strength that's gotten her through this, but she knows that isn't true; the only reason she's here (alive) right now is because she succumbed, and part of her knows that strong isn't the word she would be using if she were on the outside looking in.

25. Mask
What started out as genuine hatred has now turned into little more than a mask meant to hide what she really feels for him, and Frost can't wait for the day when that mask finally falls away and he gets to see the affection hiding underneath.

26. Ice
There is ice in her veins as she imagines the fallout; if Frost manages to bring Suri and Severin back, she dreads to think what he might do.

27. Fall

She knows she's falling, giving in to everything she always swore she would resist, and yet she doesn't seem able to stop herself from giving him--and worse yet, herself--what he wants.

28. Forgotten
There are things that can't ever be forgotten, Sparrow likes to remind him, and what he did to her on that first day they met (and every single day since) is decidedly among them.

29. Dance
It's a wordless number from a string quartet, and he can tell Sparrow couldn't possibly care less about what it is or what it means to him--and for them--but she lets him choose it nonetheless; he can't wait to hear it in that gorgeous ballroom, echoing through the crowd like the unmistakable sound of his well-earned victory.

30. Body
The idea of what she's given up by giving in is absurd, and yet she can't even bring herself to deny it; Frost endeared himself to her body before he ever so much as made a crack in her mind, and the thought of it still makes her fucking sick.

31. Sacred
His obsession with her has only grown since her victory; she is sacrosanct now--inviolable, inviolate, and untouchable--and he will protect her until the day he dies.

32. Farewells
Sparrow is pathetic when it comes to goodbyes, and she's always known it; she isn't surprised, then, when she can't put her feelings into words at Simon's funeral, and she feels like she's drowning in everything she can't figure out the proper way to express.

33. World
Sparrow's entire world has shifted within just a few weeks; before, she'd known it to be cruel and cold and unwelcoming, but she'd been free, and so now that she is comfortable and well-fed and very much imprisoned, all she wants is to go back.

34. Formal
She stares at the woman in the mirror, trying to puzzle out what she feels about this unfamiliar visage; she is fuller than she's ever been before, her body less bone and more curve, and a formal gown she never would've had reason to wear before clings to her figure in such a surprisingly flattering way that part of her is still begging to take it off.

35. Fever
It's like a fever burning beneath her skin, this strange and baffling desire she's beginning to feel for him; it's a symptom of the sickness he's been infecting her with all along, and her only hope is that sooner or later, it will simply burn away.

36. Laugh
"What's wrong?" he asks her all too often these days, and every time, it's a struggle not to laugh.

37. Lies
Every word out of his mouth is a lie, and Sparrow knows it; but the longer she listens to him--the longer she waits for the inevitable trap to spring--the more she begins to suspect that he believes his own lies more than she ever could.

38. Forever
The thought that he actually intends to trap her here forever is too much to bear; she's going to get out no matter what it takes, and then she's going to get away.

39. Overwhelmed
There are mornings still when she wakes up crying, and though she knows exactly what nightmares have earned those tears, she always tells Frost that she forgets them the instant she opens her eyes.

40. Whisper
"I love you," she whispers in the dark, watching the steady rise and fall of his chest, and she hates herself more with each and every word.

41. Wait
She won't be able to wait much longer, she realizes; she's approaching the point of no return much sooner than she'd even feared, and if she doesn't escape his corrupting grasp soon, there is an ever-growing risk that she might just give in.

42. Talk
It's not the sex that she minds, nor even the fact that she isn't sure when she stopped thinking of it as rape; it's that somehow they have reached a point at which they can actually talk to one another, and that casual familiarity is more frightening than anything sexual could possibly be.

43. Search
He isn't sure which version of events he would prefer; that his life before her was all simply preparation to make him the kind of lover she deserves, or that he spent all those years searching blindly for something he has finally found in her.

44. Hope
What they hoped for, Sparrow doesn't know; but just as Suri is no longer the woman Sparrow knew when they parted on that platform, Sparrow too has entirely moved on.

45. Eclipse
She knows she can't let it happen, and yet it's happening nevertheless; the things she likes about him are starting to eclipse his crimes, and she's feared all along that this was exactly how it would end.

46. Gravity
Their lives orbit his more so completely that it's actually rather easy to forget that she was the one whose gravity seized them when even his couldn't hold them near.

47. Highway
When she finally stumbles across the only road she's seen in days, Sparrow is so desperately uncertain that she almost starts to cry (a waste of precious hydration, at this point); this rarely-traversed highway might lead her back to Frost and civilization... but perhaps not before it leads the rebels right to her.

48. Unknown
The future is unknown by definition, but this is something she should have seen coming all along.

49. Lock
The day the lock comes off the door is little short of a miracle at this point; it's a big step for what he considers their relationship--a massive risk for him and an almost irresistible opportunity for her--and yet even now there's a part of her that knows just how dangerous her gratitude over this meager freedom really is.

50. Breathe
She curls into his side while he sleeps and lies there in the silence, listening to him breathe in the peaceful, sightless dark.

© 2016 A.F. Tanith


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